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Damien Hirst, the most controversial artist in YBA, likes to cause a sensation every year or so. Last summer, thousands of people lined up outside White Cube waiting to glimpse a human skull cast in platinum and covered with 8,601 diamonds; A few months earlier Mr. Hirst had installed an animal kingdom in the lobby of the Lever House in New York; Recently, Damien has cut out his dealers and taken his work straight to auction and made a great success. Does he create the unwritten rule of art market? Or the dark logic of contemporary art covers the truth?
Media Focus
Hirst is Rewriting the Rules of the Market (1)
  Hirst is said to regard the step of offering new material
Hirst is Rewriting the Rules of the Market (2)
  It sounds like the name of a new work by Damien Hirst
Thinking Outside the Dealer
  Damien Hirst has a recurring nightmare.
Top Critic Lashes out at Hirst's 'Tacky'Art
  Robert Hughes says such commercial pieces are meaningless
Just When You Thought It Was Safe
  On Tuesday Damien Hirst’s killing-machine-in-a-box
Damien Hirst: Bad Boy Makes Good
  Damien Hirst has been one of the richest and most famous artists.
Damien Bares His Soul
  Hirst may be the most irritating artist alive
Hirst Pays up in Toy Row
  Artist Damien Hirst has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to charity
White Cube
  White Cube is one of the most prominent contemporary commercial art galleries in the world.
Gagosian Gallery
  The Gagosian Gallery is a contemporary art gallery owned by Larry Gagosian.
  Sotheby's (NYSE: BID) is the world's second oldest auction house in continuous operation.
Detail Results of Hirst Auction
  The Evening Sale comprised 56 lots, 54 of which sold during the auction
Young British Artists(YBA)
  The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst (1991). The iconic work of the YBAs.
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    Damien Hirst - Beautiful Inside My Head Forever
    Sale L08027
    15 Sep 08
    Sale Total: 70,545,100 GBP
    London, New Bond Street
    34-35 New Bond Street
    London W1A 2AA
    Tel: 44 20 7293 5000
     Artists bring their works directly to auction, what do you think of it?
    Set a new rule
    Active the market
    Nothing change to the market
    Just self speculation
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