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From September 10th-13th, over 120 international galleries will meet for the second edition of ShContemporary at the spectacular Shanghai Exhibition Center. The fair promises to create an intriguing dialogue between the Orient and Occident, featuring the best galleries from the East juxtaposed with the top Western galleries. This year's ShContemporary preview on 9th September coincides with Shanghai Biennale, opening just one day after the Biennale, also with Shanghai Art Fair, opening in the same day, promises to be the unparalleled art extravaganza in Asia.
Best of Discovery Artists
Shi Yong
  I forced and induced various stratums of society.
Wang Zhiyuan
  The work has expressed my feelings towards China today.
Wang Luyan
  One of the basic principles of gear operation is that any movement
Zhu Jinshi
  My work involves sporadic, opportunistic, and anti-system issues.
Effie Wu
  The projection shows a young woman, the artist herself.
Huang Po-chih
  Huang Po-chih scans his body and combines each image into an animation and video work.
Suhasini Kejriwal
  Suhasini reworks the art historical tropes of patterning.
Sumedh Rajendran
  Sumedh politicizes the materials with ceramic tiles, metal sheets, and leather.
Tushar Joag
  Tushar Joag describes himself as a 'public intervention artist'
Vibha Galhotra
  Vibha Galhotra's sculptures and paintings are her experience of the city.
Ozawa Sakae
  Ozawa Sakae produces the paintings rather figurative and beautiful colors.
Takamine Tadasu
  His medium, though often installation, are diverse and include performance and video.
Arlo Mountford
  Mountford selects iconic images from the history of Western art
Ved Gupta
  The themes of gluttony, corruption, and oppression caused by unchecked power.
Nguyen Thai Tuan
  Darkness sparks people curiosity to step inside to find the hidden TRUTH.
Rohan Wealleans
  Rohan constructs strange and intricate assemblages out of paint and everyday materials.
Retrospection of ShContemporary 07
ShContemporary 07
  ShContemporary the new Asian Pacific art fair, representing a unique challenge for the global art market
Open Door Policy
  Lorenz o Rudolf is a large, stocky man who, when talking, swings between sudden animation and deliberate thoughtfulness.
Showcase in Shanghai
  ShContemporary is not a solely Chinese art fair, nor does it aim to be -- just witness the crowd of diplomats and international businessmen mingling at a promotional reception in Xintiandi
Port Potential
  The big news here is that practically overnight the fair organizers, who include Geneva dealer and Art Basel veteran Pierre Huber, fair director Lorenzo Rudolf,
ShContemporary Preview
  Moods in China’s art circles always seem buoyant and optimistic, but the suspense leading up to ShContemporary, Sept. 6-9, 2007.
Top Galleries in Town
  In the 'Best of Artists' section in the Main Hall of the Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art Exhibition is a construction instillation piece
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