Distorted Reality
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For different people,it is different in expressing his impulse of a moment.Moment is not temptation.


For different people,it is different in expressing his impulse of a moment.Moment is not temptation.Actually,it is a kind of destructive power.It easily destroys your nice habits and routine,and makes you a different person from what you were yesterday. However,the power of social life is inevitable.Nice habits and routine may be nice,but may also be corrupting.They are very likely to become a meaningless trap and suffocate your vigor.

For a long period of time, Luo Fahui has been lyrical:he painted bodies and landscapes.The beauty composed bodies and landscapes was,somehow,a little bit sickly but cozy and inner-world-oriented.The artist stressed the subtleties of colors and techniques,and thus brought his audience to poetic and imaginative scenes.

However,life has its own logic.The so-called poetic beauty needs to correspond with the feeling of life.Otherwise,we may doubt the factuality of such beauty and whether illusion is added into the borring,dulland actually not lyrical life.This may easily reminds us of the sweetened herbal medicine-the sweetness is disgusting besides meaningless.

There is nothing really happy around Luo Fahui.Pleasant sensations are there every day,but that is not poetic beauty.Junky,waning,boring,provoking,inadequate,cynical and vulgar,allthese words have nothing to do with poetic beauty.They are substitutes for different parts of the reality.As the so-called poetic beauty is disgusting,it is quite understandable that Luo Fahui determines to depart from it.

the past has been abandoned.The artist has to go on regardless of all the risks until he creates a new world.We have,though faintly,seen sucha a new world in his recent work.

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