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Spring always comes late and goes fast compared to a waiting time……

1) What is life

Spring always comes late and goes fast compared to a waiting time. When I think about the feast of flowers that come into bloom even in north wind and snow, I want to spend time in a flower garden of spring much longer, but time is unfeeling. Because early summer is already in the air. Silver sunlight born in flowers and wind is brilliant. Sunshine threw my exhausted body onto a bamboo grove making the crunch while shaking, and pine needles blowing away pine pollen. A traveler stops to rely on nature without all thoughts and ideas.

Sangsunyaksu. Lao-tzu said the best thing is like water. Water doesn’t go far beyond the laws of nature and always moves at the right time. Water doesn’t fight, and benefits all things whereas it doesn’t take the credit. Humans are stronger through agonies and find happiness through the life of sharing and helping. In a life same as much as water, people, cities, and eras would be peaceful as well. But, I’m always seized with desires. I strive to be free from the desires but that’s not easy.

When a life is arduous and fierce, and my way is at a loss and rootless, I stare at a flowing river, standing by the riverside. Water says ‘Do not hesitate nor fight. Go together hand in hand following the trend and direction of times. Do not hesitate nor look back. Do not feel anger about what you haven’t achieved nor regret because you will be stronger by going through hardships. That might be nature where you yourself face it naturally in due time.’

Likewise, all creatures have the beauty of change and cycle. Look at the breathing earth, blue sky, shining stars, silver-colored lake, flowers and chirping birds. All of them are living things reflecting the change and cycle of the universe. Forest animals and people who are sharing one another's fortunes of birth, old age, sickness, and death are as well.

We sometimes grumble about how tough and complex our life is. All days I live and everything are a dramatic moment, but we do not deeply think about change and cycle. We do not try to know the secret of each moment when everything moves lively, and the secret of flutter waiting for a beautiful day. Until we know the attribute, no matter what it is, we should deeply introspect and endure pains. Only when there is a shocking incident that persistently stirs people’s mind, we nod our head.

Indeed, life is living a life. That is experiencing the cycle of joys, sorrows, pains, hardships, and love. More wounds mean that one lived fiercely and endured the pain of granulating. Because getting back up again is a life even after loving, running into, falling, making a mistake, and having illicit love. Through the life, isn’t great history, culture, and art is created?

2) Sow the seed of creation

Without crazy immersion, great art is not created. Immersion enough to fully forget about oneself, the passion spurting from it, and art made of virginity opening up a new dawn can only touch someone’s heart deeply.

Poets have magic that revitalizes an obsolete thing and makes something familiar new. Painters make an ordinary landscape new and wonderful, and musicians give excitement and fun to a boring life. Designers express the landscape of times with sensuous colors and lines, and master craftsmen reflect the life and grace, which is being forgotten and disappearing, into their work. Architects transform a place to the most beautiful space, crossing the boundaries between life and soul. Movies have a mystery of transforming everyday life into different life, and different life into imagination.

Sculptor Jang Baek-soon’s life speaks eloquently about all of these moments as the value of life. The artist’s life and art spanning 20 years with the works , , , , , and allows us to have various viewpoints on the world in a short word ‘life’ literally. I can meet the spirit of the lively earth, mystery of light and sound, reason for existence to live, value of community meaning together, combination of space and love, and boundaries between life and death. I am very consoled when I am in the face of the artist’s work although it is a branch of river rolling its waters. I am likely to know the reason for existence and read the true value of Tolérance and Nomadism(expansion of awareness).

Jang Back-soon,Dreaming a bird, Bronze, 18 × 16 × 50 cm, 2005

Jang Back-soonDreaming a bird, Marble, 30 × 15 × 58 cm, 2005

Jang Back-soonDreaming a bird, Granite stone, 34 × 18 × 95 cm, 2007

Zhou-yi has 64 divinations. Each divination shows a pattern to show the world, and they all have the value of creation about the cycle of life. Artist Jang Baek-soon’s work has a pattern of life. The pattern that changes every 3 years is a journey in search of how to live by asking oneself about the reason for existence from the mystery of birth to the longing for freedom, communication of life, challenge and breakaway, pleasant life, and aesthetic phenomena, and reflecting the value of life into works. So, the work is a journey to artist Jang Baek-soon. It is a long journey in search of ‘life’, and he is staring at, satirizing, leading, and singing the world.

Jang Back-soonGermination, Bronze, 30 × 15 × 60 cm, 2000

Jang Back-soonGermination, Bronze, 50 × 17 × 90 cm, 2000

Art reconstructs objects or humans in a totally different form. A tool of the artist’s viewpoint, awareness, and talent creates its own value and gives its own life. That’s why art is greater than any other genres.

is the root and nature of life. As the bud of life sprouts, it meets a new world and starts as a member of the new world. It is hard to put into words an abundance of thrill and excitement. When it is beyond description, the artist puts the impression into his work. The artist has a story about longings for freedom, challenges for a new world, and beautiful challenges.

literally makes me to take a look at what a life of bird is dreaming of. This is a scene of repeatedly asking about how to live, what is watching and singing for, and what is staring at and whether it makes its own way. The artist’s passion and journey infusing the warmth of life into cold materials such as stone and metal has something out of the common. The world of art that is not enough for words, and breathing the value of life into it is perhaps same as a religious belief.

is eloquently speaking about what true communication is in the era of miscommunication. Urban life is difficult and rootless. It is an enormous mass of distorted viewpoints, forced logic, and desires. So, the sound of cities is inevitably noise and plagued with fierceness like war. The artist is talking about what true communication is. The artist is emphasizing the value of the beauty of listening courteously, mutual consideration, warmth, and value of cooperation, rather than ending with words in this world full of gossip.

and are approaching as a pleasant vista. The works are drawing another life story about an invader trespassing an ordinary living space in a formative language. Even though it is a steel straw mat, there is a breath of life and the beauty of nature that can be felt in straw work. An ant invaded there. What is noticeable is the delicate expression of fine vibrations and thrills where earthquake took place. Frog Side Dish is a story about survival and desire. People take an wonderful trip three times a day to suppress not general hunger but hunger triggered by loneliness. We eat for survival but eat and eat to satisfy desires. The artist enjoys accusing a double-sided attitude of humans, using materials such as frog, spoon, and woman. I used the word accusation, but it seems better to express it as confession.

expresses a story of life and death philosophically and aesthetically. It purses a world of new creation while boldly getting out of conventional materials and techniques. This surprising change could be the result of 20-year long sufferings. Shroud is a uniform of transformation. A newborn infant wears clothes. We wear all sorts of clothes in our life like a school uniform at school and a wedding gown for marriage. And, when we leave this world, we are shrouded, and that’s all. It is a journey to another world, so shroud is light. Numerous living places and my little other selves I encounter are floating. My mind is shudderingly awakened. Who am I and what am I here for? How to live? Like this, it is time to introspect answering my own questions.

Numerous warp and woof threads of hemp are entangled. It is like looking at all things in the universe and containing the world of chaos. There would be a trivial life, flame-like journey, wandering, regret, and glory. But, when you take note of it, everything is a life. It is the sinew and destiny that connects aa life and a life. Although the sinew is tangled with destiny, th value of beauty can be seen. What is beauty? It might be 'Know', 'Realize'. I'm touched by the expansion of awareness about the reason for life and value of existence.

3) On a pleasant journey

Today, art is considered very casual in realty. We are too immersed by a decorative plate of art. Art heals a life of pretense, dissimulation, and desire, but it is rather ambiguous and complex when we enter the forest of art. Far from healing, we are lost in deep thought. People consume art like a sedative but art is not a sedative but a pain of granulating and understanding of the universe. It is self-reflection and a new viewpoint on life.

Jang Back-soonCommunication, Bronze, 27 × 26 × 40 cm, 2009

Jang Back-soonCommunication, Bronze, 38 × 20 × 35 cm, 2009

What are the virtues of art include in the gap between everyday life and different life. As mentioned above, it is olérance and Nomadism(expansion of awareness). Through art, I look back on the past journey in my life and am dreaming of new days and new routes to come. A poet said "One day is the Tripitaka Koreana(the complete collection of Buddhist scriptures carved on over eighty thousand woodblo)". When we are disoriented in this changing life, art is eloquent with deep impression about how art lives. It is said nothing is new under heaven but when I think about it, everything is new under heaven. On the land of defeat, we can read the spirit of freedom and creation and taste sweet fruits after enduring pains. Artist Jang Baek-soon's passion and aspiration is ripe for self-change when the more he endures. It tells his 20-year creation activities. The theme of this exhibition 'Floating Life' is well-versed in 64 divinations of Zhou-yi, and is a report of introspection produced after going through pains of the Tripitaka Koreana. This is true art showing the reason for life and value of existence.

It is making the beauty of numerous changes and cycles in a short word 'Life'. It is creation of life beyond language and fact. It is time to meet an empty yet full world with a whole body and communicate. While watching Jang Baek-soon's life series, I read your steely eyes. I find aesthetics of endurance, expansion of introspection and awareness, understanding of world and human, and warmth of life in it.

Life is silently polishing the dull self everyday like sharpening a pencil. It is stimulating the tentacles of my sou, searching for the root of my life while keeping painful records in my life and building a love nest.

After darkness, the sun shines in the dawn sky. The introspection time I had in the artist's room is not futile. I break with selfishness and am dreaming of being free from lie and desire. Despite being a little more poor and tired, I am fine. I thank that every moment becomes the light of all existence and I live with the expanded awareness about the life filled with scenes and memories from relationships in the world, and the love and glory.


(Culture city of East Asia, Director. Culture Designer. essayist.)

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