Symbol Life
Source:Artintern Author:Li Xianting Date: 2008-09-29 Size:
The standardized environment create the standard of person at the same time.


The old street and lanes,house and gardens in the old time,is distinguished by the visual characters. Now if you live in the dowtow,to recognize your own house,you need the road guide,but your house Rm 506 at Dr 3,not so different from the Rm 708 at Dr 5. To find someone,or back to home,you have to remember your room number. The modern consume,what you need is not the judge to the goods,but depend on your understanding to the brand and grade. To all the modern communications,like fight,train,if you don’t understand the symbol,you can’t find your way. Especially when you are in the express way,you will lost your target if you don’t care the symbol very much. Symbol and sign,become the counterpoint of modern types and standardization. Each tache of the ordinary livings,every production,produce a corresponding symbol. The society change from the tradition visual identification to symbolic identification. The modernist can’t live without symbol.

The standardized environment create the standard of person at the same time. Consuming culture an vogue create generation’s of symbolic human. Modernization somehow display the meaningless of human as the status of symbolic living. Or we can say, the greatest creation of human modernization is gradually change the vitality to symbolic message in consumption process.Human relationship faint, and the Old Way Changes. This is an old Chinese saying. But modernization are bad than tradition.The war fown of personality and emotion,bearing boring stamina, it may be the basic urge of these Guang Fengdong’s paintings. His works,sculpt,color and process are so nonotone, even simply repeating the briefness. Compared to my previous exhibition Prayer Beads and Brushwork, his work are even less painting, less feeling from brushworks, and hard to enjoy. It is hard to find a single painting in traditional meaning. His works is just his life,the symbol life. The repeating black and white grid are just like the zebra line he walk through. The repeated footprint sculpt means the hesitated life before and even since of Guan.

[Editor] Mark Lee