This week’s special: contemporary art for UK museums
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Works from 50 exhibitions at London’s ICA Studio to be donated to public institutions....

documentation for 3 (bags of juice), 2014, from the first show of work by Laura Eldret. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Works from 50 exhibitions at London’s ICA Studio to be donated to public institutions.

A selection of works shown in a series of weekly exhibitions starting Monday, 5 January, are due to be donated to public institutions across the UK. Entitled “Fig-2”, the project at the ICA Studio in London will result in 50 exhibitions over 50 weeks. A new show launches every Monday, with the subject announced the previous Wednesday on the “Fig-2” website.

Outset Contemporary Art Fund, an international philanthropic organisation founded in 2003, is supporting "Fig-2"; it is also behind the "fig-legacy" initiative which is separate from the "Fig-2" project. “Having already worked with many regional museums, we will work on creating win-win situations for all involved by donating works where appropriate to collections across the UK,” says Candida Gertler, the co-founder of Outset. “We hope to create an interesting trail across Britain which will create a legacy for ‘Fig-2’ to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

The first exhibition, which opens today, includes works by the UK artist Laura Eldret (she will also be featured during the final, 50th week). The inaugural show, entitled “The Juicers”, shows “a project in progress, bringing together the research and documentation of the rug makers of a pueblo in Mexico that Eldret has been visiting over a number of years”, according to the artist’s website.

The London-based Turkish curator Fatos Ustek is overseeing the "Fig-2" programme. Her post is funded by the UK charity, the Art Fund; other sponsors include Phillips auction house and the Bicester Village retail outlet.

Ustek says: “‘Fig-2’ will include emerging and established artists, with projects that are driven by experimentation… there will be various wavelengths at play—differing artistic approaches—which I believe will attract audiences from diverse backgrounds and with diverse interests.” Twenty-two artists have so far agreed to participate.

“Fig-2” is the successor to “Fig-1” which was organised in 2000 by Mark Francis, a director at Gagosian gallery in London, and Jay Jopling, the founder of White Cube. The original initiative, based in Soho in London, included pieces by Jeremy Deller, Richard Hamilton and Patti Smith.

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