Incomplete Literatures (1993-2014)——20 Years of Fine Arts Literature
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We hope that the Third Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts does not only presents the history of an art media, which has participated in witnessed the history of art...

The best thing the history has given us is the passion aroused by it. (By Goethe)

It was in 1985 that the new artistic trends emerged in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Trends of Artistic Thoughts, the first publication to introduce Chinese contemporary art, was founded. In 1987, Trends of Artistic Thoughts was stopped. In 1993, some of the main producers planned Fine Arts Literature for which Hubei Fine Arts Publication House and Hubei Artists Association were responsible for the organization jointly and Peng De, Lu Hong and Liu Ming has taken up the post of editor-in-chief successively. In each issue of Fine Arts Literature, an academic topic is proposed by domestic and foreign critics and curators to study the phenomena of contemporary art, introduce artists and publish artistic works, interviews, manuscripts, schema background and so on, thus forming a unique editing example in those years.

Through the work of editors of several generations, Fine Arts Literature has maintained an objective academic stance and is aimed to be academic and documentary. Since Fine Arts Literature was first published in1993, its topics have covered the various stages and phenomena of art and accumulated abundant valuable primary data. In 2003, Fine Arts Literature Art Center was established. Two documentary exhibitions of fine arts were organized in 2004 and 2007 respectively, both of which sorted out the contemporary art positively and will play an important role in the researches regarding the history of Fine Arts Literature. In 2009, Fine Arts Literature, on behalf of Chinese art publications, participated in the media exhibition of the 40th Art Basel. In addition, Fine Arts Literature has a special column of archive collection over the years and the literatures are sorted out and the works are collected in accordance with the academic topics so that a plenty of data with important literature values are accumulated.

At the 20th anniversary of foundation of Fine Arts Literature, the literatures and works collected by Fine Arts Literature throughout 20 years will be put on exhibition for the first time at “Incomplete Literatures: 20 Years of Fine Arts Literature”, a unit of the Third Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts. The literatures include the manuscripts, letters, and working photos of artists, the scheme planning of editors and the letter of critics and so on, while the works include the early works of artists as well as the works featuring symbolic significance in the history of art. Fine Arts Literature has gone through tremendous difficulties in the context of the restructuring of publishing industry and the marketization in the twenty years and it is the academic ideals of editors of three generations and the supports from various aspects that enable Fine Arts Literature to be continued. However, the primary ideal of founders of Fine Arts Literature to record and collect contemporary art completely is not realized because of various factors. This is why the unit is called “Incomplete Literature”. Even so, we think such regret and incompleteness have reflected the true history as a matter of fact and constitute a part of the development process of contemporary art.

We hope that the Third Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts does not only presents the history of an art media, which has participated in witnessed the history of art, and summarize the academic and documentary values of the research results but it can provide a unique perspective for the representation and perception of this phase of history.

[Editor] 孙雯