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 Who is Zhang Jun? Former President of a design company, Secretary General of 5 Colours Foundation, and friend to artists….

  Who is Zhang Jun? Former President of a design company, Secretary General of 5 Colours Foundation, and friend to artists….

  For me, Zhang Jun is an old friend, whom I can hang out in leisure time. It is especially difficult to find somebody having fun with these days. For several years, we often went from bars to apartments. Sometimes I was carrying him and sometimes he was carrying me. What’s fun is that he would believe that he was carrying me even though he was carried. He is used to taking care of other people.

  Old friends usually consider Zhang Jun a humble and gentle person while some don’t think so because of his action after drinking. When drunken, he blabbers and sometimes breaks things. Most people believe these contrasts are the results of drinking. However, drinking cannot make a new person; it just releases the inner self. These contrasts are there for everyone, between your daily self and inner willingness. The great contrast shows that there is a great gap between his inner expectation and reality. Anxiety and struggling is hidden behind his gentle and easy-going mask—these are only speculations.

  When you find more faults in a man, you will find him closer. People without addictions and faults are not ideal friends. Zhang Jun is greatly obsessed with dog, liquor and certain period. When he opened his weibo, he becomes greatly addicted to it. One night, he even hinted me that he found UFO and next the story just ended. All in a sudden, he fell into photography. When he is awake, he has a camera in hand; when he is drunken, he might lose it in some cab. Once it upset every friend of his, but we all believe that the fever will pass since it’s his nature.

  Gradually, his photos become interesting, unique and appealing. Why is he such a special photographer? Suddenly people recall that he used to be a painter!

  Zhang Jun was indeed a painter, with pure pursuit for beauty and careful technique. He might have persisted in his painting. The reason why he stopped is not clear. It might be marriage with a beautiful wife, obsession with pets, tough livelihood for painters, difficulty to face art modernization or others. What’s more important might be the intentional cessation of painting life. It might sound cruel and sad. Is this the only choice? If not, it might be a good thing to let go. He once said that I go open weibo, he will pick up painting. Several years later, I opened and quitted weibo, and he still didn’t pick up painting.

  Even though he is painting any more, he never stopped paying attention to art and communicating with artists. A lot of artists will first come to Zhang Jun when they are in Chengdu, for he knows art and has a nice temper. Zhang Jun’s job is to entertain these artists whether they are rich or not. Zhang Jun enjoys being a host. What’s more, these friends enjoy being hosted by him. However, I detect tiredness in him, with social life in art circulation and busy work in 5 Colours Foundation. His love for art makes this busy life reasonable and enjoyable.

  I quitted weibo where he posted his photos. When we meet, he will show the photos to me. He keeps shooting pictures with less enthusiasm. But I know it’s not the case. Something is growing inside of him. He becomes serious like a hip-hop boy becomes silent.

  These photos can be seen more clearly at a certain interval. He initially just wanted to post images in weibo. The painting qualification plays a role in his works. Afterwards, he adjusted the pictures through the use of software. He worked like an editor, to make his pictures fun and appealing. At that time, Zhang Jun discovered his potential in some way. After that, he suddenly realized photography is another art with distinction between black and white. This art is destined to be related with his past experiences, present life and future. He begins to think and become serious. This batch of works comes into being after a period of silence.

  This batch of works is from green hand, in the form of maturity. His works can speak for themselves. Some people have been preparing for twenty years, worked for fifty years and stopped after achieving great success in early years. Some people prepared for fifty years and worked for twenty years, with great achievements in later years. It is destiny that works here. God has his intention for everyone. Zhang Jun finally finds his way of expression. He became a photographer. He is lucky.


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