Who is Liu Li Tun ?
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RongRong lived in the courtyard form 1994 to 2002. The hard days and the passion of the young were interweaved.


San Li Tun, "village in city"。

RongRong lived in the courtyard form 1994 to 2002. The hard days and the passion of the young were interweaved: for the wandering artists who devoted themselves to art, this courtyard certainly provided a warmth and family feel for them. It is always a base for art and life, a refuge full of dreams. after East Village was blown away, artists needed a new stage, there were many young men who were enchanted with photography, and many scholars inside and outside China, their frequent meeting at Liu Li Tun had became a living trend. At the rest of the time, RongRong would develop the films in the large north room, or enlarge photos, cut the papers and framed up his works, bound New Photography, a reprographic magazine edited by him and Liu Zheng…

In 1999, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese photos and videos was hold in Tokyo. RongRong met inri there for the first time. next year, inri came to Liu Li Tun, and they combined their art together since then. Inri fell in love, she found herself had also became one with the courtyard of Liu Li Tun. They found a swallow nest in the room together; baby swallow fell out from the nest and tried hard by shrugging his little wings to climb back. The swallows remained in the room after they moved all stuffs. In the day of taking down the house, they saw swallows flying back from the electric wires, that was when they found out the little one had learned to fly. They could not help from weeping. One’s senses would never be numb in such a place, not only the sense of seasons, but also new feelings of everyday. The lights, the taste, natural scent, the changes keep the fresh feeling flowing. Trees, vines, cats, swallows and bees, all are a different world from human individual.

Inri transformed the function from a well-trained professional photographer into one who let every detail of life to express willingly a feeling of life by the act of shooting.

Joined with Inri, their works formed a sphere of a far more personal experience..


Liu Li Tun has become the central development for its location. This courtyard was emptied and destroyed, RongRong and inri returned and photographed a series of work, to commemorate the place where they get to know with each other.

As a matter of fact, what they want to commemorate is not merely an end of a life, or their regret for a pre-modern life-style. Collecting all impressions of life in different stages of the same location is a way and attitude of experiencing life itself.

RongRong and inri are the artists who inspired by the passion of life. They combine their body with nature to express their own spiritual experience. Image itself is not the end or an evidence of their existence, but corresponds with a life and an experience beyond life. In the album of Liu Li Tun, images converted into re-arranged time orders, as like the air and light exhale from a book when you open it, penetrate and shine upon the readers who open it at any moment. It become a physical continuation of Liu Li Tun, and become a body part of the artists who had been endowed with spirit.

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