Reflecting on “Heaven”Spectacles Constructed by Desires and Reality Author:He Guiyan Date: 2013-09-04 Size:
Heaven is a land of ideals and happiness, which has long existed in our religion or imagination. Its opposite is dark, fearsome hell. Between the two extremes lies the real world. In the 13th Century, Italian Dante wrote about them in his The Divine Comedy. If a man sins in the real world — just as the seven deadly sins go: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust — then to the hell he will fall with due punishment.

  In Qiu’s works, “heaven” is always an image which serves to mirror the real world. Meanwhile, in the meaningful chain between “heaven” and the real world, the artist’s attention has been fixed on the reality all the time. But he also wishes to present a spiritual world, the opposite to reality which is controlled by desires. We can see the artist’s self-examination and his concern towards people’s living conditions nowadays; as well as the questioning of his own inner development and the depiction of how the spirit involves in this age. In this sense, “Reflection on Heaven” in essence is to reflect on reality, existence and spirit. In short, under the theme “Heaven: Prophecy of the Century” Qiu Guangping doesn’t try to depict a so-called paradise. Rather, he aims to explore the meaning of “heaven” to individual existence and general public.

  Written in Luoyang on 6th Feb 2013

  He Guiyan :Ph.D., well-known art critic,

  Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

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