Chaos, Birth, Cattle Phrases and Shadow of Root Author:Li Gang Date: 2013-08-14 Size:
In the chaotic world,I search for chaos,In the chaos,I believe in nature

  In the chaotic world

  I search for chaos

  In the chaos

  I believe in nature

  Facing the nature

  I advocate being active

  In the state of obsession and chaos

  I bump into breathtaking wood jade

  Thereby I see the shadow of a root

  And myself at the back

  Following the shadow of the root

  I continue to perceive and realize the chaos

  My interwoven thoughts fly farther and farther

  In company with the rain and fog before the eye

  Into my life

  The rain, which quietly encircles the ice-cold building

  With humid spring chill, through the invisible window screen

  Rolls over my cheek and unstuck collar button

  A hoist dusty smell mixed with tail gas

  Forces its way into my breath

  Along with the endless whistles, of course

  Sipping the thick tea

  To refresh a tired self

  Into the noisy night but peacefully

  At this moment

  I and my computer frozen by the window

  With the virtual cyberspace

  And the touch of the real world

  To let my memory and recollection cross through the veil of time

  Life breaks the limit from here

  Disdainful of the cycle of life and death

  Not even nirvana of phoenix

  At this moment

  There is no talk of dark sky and yellow ground

  No talk of literary jargons

  Nor the formula of 1+1=2

  No theory of revolution

  No logic theory

  No classical science

  And no dialectical materialism either

  With all the burdens off, open yourself

  To let all things fill you freely

  At this moment

  A bull and calf rope ethers childhood

  I tether him

  He bears me on the back

  On the lawn, in the swale and puddle

  Left are incessant freedom and calling

  Taking out half a pencil

  To paint mountains and rivers that I’ve been longing for

  In the mountains, ancient woods, and streams

  To look for a tranquil place

  My traitorous pen

  With drops of ink

  Dot colors snowflakes below Li Bai’s poems


  Relentless bamboo ferula strikes my palm

  A cry comes from heart-wrenching pain, never to repent

  My inflamed hands hand out my masterpiece

  Smiling heartily

  I wipe out the happy tear on the return journey

  At this moment

  I meet with the shadow of the root


  Has lifeless pride and full blossom

  Life is condensed to silent waiting

  As pressed in water and mud

  It releases freedom and the highest quality of art

  Telling with me the articulate, hollow realm

  At this moment

  My brush paints

  A fair, jadeite ox-head

  Out of twisted roots and gnarled branches

  Or bowing my head in the modernized farm fields

  To see machinery taking over the millennium-long post

  Or raising my mouth full of droplets to drive away confusion

  To give went to my anger to an end without end

  At this moment

  A baby’s chuckling comes

  All at once, he withdraws himself as an artist

  Father begins to taste happy in real life

  But it’s only the beginning

  Drifting gently in time half sleepy and half awake

  Exciting his tiredness

  This moment belongs to the new life

  This moment belongs to the persistent cattle phrases

  This moment belongs to the shadow of the root, and

  This moment belongs to the opening of chaos

  March 6, 2011 in Sichuan

[Editor] 常霞