Emilio Carrasco Gutierrez ------What I know about
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  Emilio Carrasco Gutierrez ------What I know about   Emilio arrived at Chengdu China for a while, we will see each other soon. It is hard for me to hold my eager mood to meet him even though this is our third times. A sudden illness postponed it again and again   I first met Emilio in

  Emilio Carrasco Gutierrez ------What I know about

  Emilio arrived at Chengdu China for a while, we will see each other soon. It is hard for me to hold my eager mood to meet him even though this is our third times. A sudden illness postponed it again and again

  I first met Emilio in FISAE international Ex-libris Congress, Istanbul, Turkey two years ago, His works, black-white woodcut print, when I looked at his works before getting to know him, are pretty touching, bring back to me a long-lost move.

  We are hard to be “moved” one more time now, as our “be moved” nerves fatigued and numb, as our sense perception congests every moment by things with multicolor, infinite in variety, bizarre and motley. The power of penetrating, the force of impact burst from Emilio’s works make your heart can not be calm.

  Be moved by Vincent Willem van Gogh’s “the frazzle boots” it was long time ago, it didn’t happen later on, it doesn’t mean that I consider Emilio as great as Vincent Van Gogh, but I am pretty sure that they are alike: the only reason for them to come to this world is Art;Their works full of high saturation color, strong emotion;Their painting language distinctive, bright and untrammeled…, this feeling becomes clearer when after I getting to know more about Emilio and his works.

  The most impressive thing, when I met him at the first time, is his pureness, spotless, trueness, unsophisticated. You can find pure artist’s expression from his eyes, though his eyesight innate with modesty, kindness and gentleness, melancholy, you can find the childlike innocence from his smells. As possessing such a characteristic, he cares everyone with simple natural kindness, real sincere desire. Still two things keep clear in my mind: you feel baffling slight conscience-stricken, as he looked like as a mirror to let you find your Secular bad habit you are used to, you feel little embarrassment and uneasy when you are with a such a man who owns a transparent heart; The next feeling is his instinct, without suspicious judgment. He was born to be an artist, an artist only, there is no other choice.

  We were very happy during the short stay in Turkey, I find out that he is not person of few words or little words, but a person has a fine sense of humor with intelligence. Separation with Emilio makes you feel just like start to sip a fine wine, no time to savor, then the glass is empty, so that we take a trip to Mexico to visit Emilio in the summer 2011.

  Traveling 800km to meet us, Emilio brings us reunions joys and happiness right in the airport of Mexico City. After visiting some museums, he lead us to his ancestral home,a beautiful town, located about 100km away from capital. Not so much Emilio family lives in this small town as the small town is Emilio’s home. Emilio’s family plays the major role of town. Museum posses 1500 years ago unearthed Maya culture relics, was belong Emilio’s family, donated to the public. The whole building keeps the old time original appearance, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and family labeled wine showed us the eminence of his family.

  There is a room in Emilio Family Museum to introduce Emilio’s grandfather he was a famous painter and a payer too, a lot of his works related with religions, his works were collected and displayed in famous Mexico cathedrals. At that time, only record level and the most reputation artist have the honor to paint for Cathedrals, this reminds me Michelangelo Buonarroti. All his works have Europe painting style, the reason is that Emilio’s family came from Europe, his father is writing the family history, and the first volume published named “From Siberian to North America”

  Emilio finished his most part of education and start his art activities in Spain, there are no any traces in his work influenced from his grandfather, or in another words, no reflections from traditional Europe ways of painting. It is Mexican maize and Jalapeno make Emilio a “cactus” gown up from colorful rocks.

  Emilio today’s art achievement enlightens us that: an artist doesn’t need to care about where you come from, who are your ancestor, should deliberate who I am, what should I go for.

  Emilio found his fertilized soil, which cultivate him the most, although we may consider that land is poor, just good for maize,as long as you are cactus, you will boom. Emilio roots in his loved land, by using thick color, Straightforward and strong lines create a concise, state, simple and unsophisticated, contemporary, mysterious, merry and lively, moving and forceful artistic conception.

  If not soaked in this land, if not found his language to express himself, he may not get an exit to erupt, what left is only torment and suffering. What presents in front us is his appropriate expression to the full---praise and eulogizes to life, worship and revere to the Mother Nature….Maya culture elements with mellow, intelligence, terse, simplicity, enthusiasm, untrammeled melt into Emilio’s art language he needs.

  He listens to his heart calls, he didn’t take his family advantages to implant by force his idea in the land which is not proper for its grows, nor look down upon or negate the great art spirit and glory culture history, this prevent his from exhaust or good for noting.

  Embedding and loving this land, this is the reason why, I think, Emilio becomes a recognized, famous, influential even symbolic artist in the contemporary ear of Mexico.

  Most of the time, artist would like to gather in a country’s capital with convenience of exchanges and interchanges of information, but Emilio live in a town names Zakatecas located about 800km away from Mexico City. We arrive at his town with this question; the answer finalized after our 4days visit

  This a town with few hundred thousand population, we give a hurried and cursory glance at the museums, but still didn’t have enough time to look at all of them. Art museums exhibit large percentage contemporary and modern art paints, we saw a lot of Emilio’s works included in some of his earlier time paints.

  Zacatecas enjoys the name of Museum City or Art City, the reason makes its reputation for an important places of culture is the mine of gold, silver and a lot of rear metals which was found hundred years ago. Large quantity of silver mines operating, gathering large amount of treasure and population, makes the city booming, artist need also developed economic environment. Economy prosperity leads to the culture development at the same time.

  Emilio’s have a recent works exhibition during our stay in Zakatecas, his paints change greatly comparing with his past works. General appearance of his paint consists in extreme simple figures, most of the paint is blank space, consolidate the extreme simple style. This way of painting is his new attempt and a break through one. For artist, suffering and pleasure are inherent brothers. Suffering comes from artists keep parting form glories what he gained; Pleasure brings by hard painful struggles to the moment that the cocoon breaking become a butterfly. Constant negation and challenge oneself is the way how to make art tree evergreen. The reason why Pablo Picasso was called the youngest artist in world at his age 80’ is he always used the newest way to paint.

  Emilio is an artist who keeps continually creating new ways in painting. He step his foot into large range of difference art fields. For wood block, he has xylograph, copper plate, plaster print. He also paint oil pictures, sculptures, ceramics craft even jewelry designs.

  He will do his best to dig out, create and express any art modality as long as it can take his feeling and conduct it forward. Varity way of art modality delivers his feeling and thought to the most incisive and vivid.

  Owning to a car accident, Emilio have to take walking stick as a help, seldom can we see him straight his back. Flicker in his eyes melancholy looks may caused by his out of sorts. It is another Emilio when he starts to paint, get rid of his walking stick, straight his back, move his body fast, hours and hours, he immerses totally a selfless status. Emilio, at that moment, interflow his trueness heat with canvas through brushes and colors. It is just like pour feels out, tell stories, narrate his anguish and joy, he expresses his own ideas about human nature, love and this world, he is so concentrated inside like roaming in another world that he neglects the existing himself in this world. We can find unintentionally he pondered and be-losted in his deep thought, his eyesight shows deep or distressed。We have enough reasons to believe he often walk into that world which belongs to himself only。His works what were made in that world, under that particular circumstance, transcend the actuality. The reason why his work can move us is that, under that particular circumstance, everything he expressed is truly what is in his deep heart, is his soul monologue. We are moved by Emilio works make sense.

  I don’t know what was course of Emilio heat feels during the creation of his work, tension, entanglement, struggle, depression, joy, complication or none-definition mood, neither how Emilio control the holistic rhythm and venation, nor how to rule the finished paint to match the wishes at its start, paint by random or follow steps made before start to brush. I am also curious about whether Emilio paint without any pre-set steps, or how to set up the color motif, composition of a picture, shade, density these basic elements. I didn’t ask for it but gnosis them Emilio’s paints; there are two essential factors imperative: passion and afflatus. These are what Emilio works brings to you. If missing these two factors, no matter how extinguish is the picture composition, how good details brushed, it is impossible to possess the alive shocking. Every his paints, full of tensions, demonstrate loves and the vigor of life, these, are Emilio’s works spirit and charisma

  Like most art dream catcher, I am pretty sure, since the first steps on the art road, Emilio knows clearly about the hardship and difficulties. He had to face the predicament of life, had to sleep in church, although he had an eminent family to ask for help, he choose to do everything on his own, and keep going forward without turning back, the power drives him forward comes from his to the born loves to art.

  To my opinions, the one who devotes himself to art, like a piety believer when he ready to scarify to his faith, the power he owned is spectacular.

  Emilio is a small size person and weak on body, it is hard to believe he can brush so many works a year, it couldn’t be anything else than the power came from faith to art.

  Emilio is a happy person; he owns love and faith, so happiness always besides him.

  Emilio, God Bless You!


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