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As an old member of ‘85 art new waves’, Wang Du has been devoted to the creation of contemporary.

As an old member of ‘85 art new waves’, Wang Du has been devoted to the creation of contemporary.he transfered the working emphasis to the instllation and achived success. The master works of his are related to the politicle and society with a convulsing visual form.


Wang Du' Work

As one of the most famous representative figure of Art, Wang Du, who was just participated in the 1st Summit Forum “Global Vision for Chinese Contemporary Art and Capital”. Recently, he is busy with the holding of his two solo exhibitions in Beijing without a stop.

Born in 1956, Hubei, nowadays Wang Du is a sculptor and installation artist. However, he is not a Favorite of Art Muse from the beginning. Wang Du also experiences the same step as others artists do during the development and growing of art. He has began to receive systemic art trading since the studying at the Sculpture Department of the Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Art in the early of 1980s. Before“85 new waves”, Wang Du had been contacted with the art of the early period of modern nationalism since the limilation of the information. The painting albums of Giacpmetti leaves a deep impression to Wang Du. The sculptures of Giacpmetti are lean and not forcus on the volume and weight. the graduate works of Wang Du are two sculptures which were pubulished on the back cover of  Jiangsu Painting with a meaning of surrealism, Two sculptures are entitled to the children portraits drifting in the wind and the green kindom respectively,which are related to the memory of Wang Du’children hood. The former displays that a beatiful boy danceing in air with the floating of his little genital organ; the main body of the green kindom is a woman, who is set on a fork. From then on, Wang Du is intented to creat no-traditional and anti- volume and weight sculputure, and he wants to start new exploration from the sulpture language.

The first job of Wang Du, which lasts five years from 1985 to 1990, is working as a research fellow of The Architecture Design Institute of South China University of Technology after graduated from the Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Art. Although paying attention on work, Wang Du still wants to creating art works. His interest in art is not in accordance with the strict science production of The Architecture Design Institute. in order to do what he interested in, Wang Du always puts-off the “mission” by some reasons. because the popular of doing research during those days, Wang Du asked the president to decline his workload so that he can spend a lot of time on research.

During the five years, Wang Du never forgot his real intreset and kept on moving.he began to convene the group of “southern artists saloon”, and curated “the first experient exhibition of southern artists saloon”in 1986. “southern artists saloon”was distingushed among the art new waves, and different to the ordinary temperament of Guang Zhou. “the first experient exhibition of southern artists saloon”displayed a unique aspect of art. In 1989, Wang Du participated the“Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”which plays a important role in Chinese art history. With a long time accumulation of art creation, Wang Du became more mature on the expession of art.

Wang Du moved to Paris in 1990 with the transfer of his working and life. Under a new society, the internet information became the creation inspiration of Wang Du. He admitted that his art was the production of the contemporary social reality and art reality.

Under an untraditional environment, Wang Du used various ways to express art, and participated in exhibitions with Fei Dawei, Huang Yongbin. Wang Du practised his art dreams and displayed his contemporary art world outlook, which was affected by the Chinese traditions, to the western world by paticipating in those exhibitions. He also influnenced the creation in China unconcious at the same time.After all, the development of future of art depands neither on the intervation of DaDaism,or on the scorn of the reality by pop flow. It is the reasult of the macro social environment undering the condition of the contemporary technological revolution. Following this game rule, Wang Du keeps understanding of selfness under such a new conext.

Wang Du paticipated a lot exhibitions after the year 2000, which included the ’ Realite jetable’ exhibition, ‘Negociations’exhibition and so on. What important for Wang Du now is to find the posibility of the development of Chinese contemporary art from the instllations. Comperaing with the brilliant internet images model, Wang Du believes, the installation provided more chooses for audience to think about, and proposed more complicated interpretations to the social contex. He is inclined to such way of creation, which can embody the creation ability and quality of the artist.

Wang Du has his own strictly choice and standards for exhibition. Now, Wang is continuously to seek the real links between truth and society and express the links with the means he is good at-install language. The works of Mamma-Mia! In 2003 and Business Newspaper in 2007 were all the ways to be expressed in this way. Through changing the news into works one by one, Wang underlined the integrations between policy and art in the time of donated by being sold spent thing. The hardship way to explore art also won significant fames for Wang. In 2005 and 2006, Wang separately was invited to attend the Lyon Biennale (Lyons, France) and BALTIC The Centre for Contemporary Art ( Newcastle,U.K)

Facing the powerful western culture, Wang being considered as innovation behaves huge courage and preservation. For Wang, the life in abroad changes his direction of art creating. The rethinking of culture during in abroad placed him at the center of controversy; the attempting of seeking changes gave him the power to innovate; the colonizing himself disturbed his art thinking, however, just this disturbing forced him to seek new direction.

Today, after being in France for more than ten years, he is always busy in art and his career stepped into higher platform. He said his success depended on the individuating trend of works and on the other hand, France is country with open, tolerance and multi-culture. Maybe only under the nontraditional Chinese art environment and the conflicting space between realism and dream, the development of art will be fulfilled with more possibilities and fantastic space.

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