Artist: Thoughts on The Third Force & Views on "Non-arts"
Source:Artintern Author:Wang Huaxiang Date: 2008-05-09 Size:
For what sake of clear expression, I deployed the question—to-answer style in this essay to meet the potential doubts and problems.

Wang Huaxiang in his working studio

For what sake of clear expression, I deployed the question—to-answer style in this essay to meet the potential doubts and problems.

1. what is the third force? People with independent personality and works with unique spirits.

2. Does the force differs in status, age, and times?Regardless of system ,age, and times, anything falls to the third force as long as it meets the above-mentioned first question.

3. Who belongs to the third force in history? Tommy, Jesus ,Buddha,NieGveVara(always is ),Putin(Yeltsin,is not)Kazhafei, Jinricheng(the son of Kim-il-sung).

4. Can you give examples of the third force among artists?

Fangao?and post-impressinism,Pisasso and modernism, Dump and post-modernism. To put it large, the West in the 20th century is in the era of the third force, i.e, the period of democracy and the respect for individual and the value of all lives. Chinese artists like HuanbinHong ,LinFengyan,WuGuanzhong,and artists mentioned in the “non-arts” magazine. However, the majority of artists within the Chinese system are not willing to enjoy the right of freedom, unwilling to bear the unnecessary pressure and risks: those has already succeed and had something solid to lean on.

About Auction

Lying is to become truth if it is to be repeated 1000 times. Of course the prerequisite is; all the abiding prices coordinate with each other for 5 years, all the collections are in stock of the collections’ warehouse, all the critics are in silence, everything will not wake up dizzied by the numbers and the experiences gained in art history failed. But for sure, some will make a lot of money. This is a test of experiences and intelligence , a gambling between Chinese gamblers and foreign counterparts. But the public and artists have nothing to do with this, and the artists works is simply a ‘young girls body show“。 The result in my speculation is as follows: the Chinese gamblers is to win the first half of the game, but the foreign players will win in the second half of the game, (he is the banker). The first-class artists could not win however he tries, paying no attention to the truthfulness to the following figures. And the common artists and ignorant speculators usually have unforeseen destiny and lose in the game. However our life share similarities with a certain game, as long as have enough capital to speculate, why do not try to have fun so long as not ruin the family assets because of excessive indulgence?

The market share of the first force is 90% in 2002,50% in 2005, 20% in 2008, and it will be stable at 10% in 3001,which will become fewer and fewer.

The market share of the second force is 10% in 2002,50% in 2005,80% in 2008, it will wave between 30%and 10% in 2011.

The market share of the third force is 0% in 2002,10% in 2005,20%in 2008, it will be 30%to 60% after 2011.In 2013, the third force will be 80%, but the first one still accounts for 10%, the second disappears(except for the top individual)

The first force will not be commented on, and the critics is not needed in the future.

The critics of the second force will fade out within the next three years, or transformate into the third force.

The collectors of the third force has emerged,all collectors will become the collectors of the third force, because the smell of capital is the most sensitive. Prior to now,Chinese art made effort to step into world, from now on, the world art will move toward China.

China’s capital will lose a lot in 1 to 3 years, just as the performance in casinos of Macau and North Korea, but it will win 3 to 5 years later.

The money of the whole world will pour into China,because Chinese artists have the strength, and China has the charm.

I think young people should lay the foundation carefully, and they should avoid opportunistic,otherwise the artists born in1970s, 1980s and 1990s will be victims and refugees in art market of the next golden age.

I think that the backbone artists of the third force have the responsibility to draw better, speak better,sell better and enjoy a better life.Only in this way can they establish good and attractive examples.So it will be the Gospel of Chinese art, also the Gospel of the world.

[Editor] Zhang Shuo