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Source:Artintern Author:Lu Hong Date: 2008-07-03 Size:
Review on “With the Same Feeling—Exhibition for Contemporary New Generation”


From academic history, scholars have different attitudes to pop culture. Such as Th. W. Adorno, the scholar of Frankfurt School, German, criticize it firmly. To him, pop culture is the result of cahoots between rulers and commercial capitalists with its characters of sex and materials in order to fool the public. Fiske, the scholar of British Culture Research School, holds definitely opposite opinion. His points out that between public and rulers and capitalists are the conflicts on basic interests. Although there are many unhealthy things in pop culture, it actually owns something valuable which is worthy for us to learn and research. Those two attitudes on culture still exist in China. And it is funny that when the old scholars and artists insist on their criticizing attitude to fight against the pop culture, the young put the pop culture and common interests into their creation and make their works fashionable without any word or article. We can find this in this exhibition.

I will not say anything to deny the criticizing attitude of the free intellects. Actually, during the development of our culture, this attitude played an important role before and we need it in the future. But the new generation was born in a new age with different background, life styles, knowledge and value. They have already given up or never paid any attention to the questions, which are important to the old most. They have their own questions to face. What is more important is that in their opinion art can’t solve any problems, and it at most can lead us to think what is puzzling us. On the symposium of “Playing Image—Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition” in Shenzhen Fine Art Gallery, a violent controversy happened between the older critics and young artists in my memory. And reported this debate specifically. Actually, it is just because the art and their feeling are so important to them, they go beyond the old in their own way. So they should be given more concerns and comprehensions. If the young are still criticized by the old with their own standards, it is obviously unsuitable. In my opinion, the exhibition tells us clearly that: first of all, the style of art creation is changing deeply, which is not depending on people’s minds, second, nobody can stop the young artists to concern the new culture and new elements including cartoon, ads, videos, etc., which is the result of the development of age. It seems like that the old cannot stop the 85 concepts. That is to say no matter whether you like it or not, the new art will go forward on its own way. We have to know that pop culture provide the same cultural background for the young, and that is why the young are so interesting in super realism, experimental, hallucination, sci-fi and fashion, but not in politics and fame. So they will not feel confusion on the ideological struggle of last generation. And on the art, I think they pay more attention to integration, but not classics or category and easily go beyond the border of the abstract and contract, realism and super realism, which gratifies us particularly.

Chinese artistic market is developing very well, and it is reasonable for galleries to curate exhibitions for the young, which makes certain young artist get great achievements when they are around twenty years old. Best wishes to them. They are living in such a great age. Money can destroy some artists, but art will go on. The excellent ones among them even will be remembered by the history. And I am so optimistic about this.

[Editor] Mark Lee