"Facing an Uncertain World" Interpretation of YANG Hong's Work
Source:Artintern.net Author:Wang Lin Date: 2010-11-27 Size:
Somehow, a contagion of fear would swept all over one's body by nature when one seeing peristaltic items, such as snake, pupa and even a caterpillar hanging on the tree after rain.

Somehow, a contagion of fear would swept all over one’s body by nature when one seeing peristaltic items, such as snake, pupa and even a caterpillar hanging on the tree after rain. So, I suppose that, from the very beginning, YANG Hong would have no intend for making us felt comfortable with his vermiformed intestines of work. The world we live in always brings about too many of different sentimental feelings to us, not only to meet the need of our happiness but more than that. In YANG Hong’s work, what we have seen are the internal of one’s body, with a look of dropping of reddish blood, or swollen up smoothly……Such a show of spreading belly bowel will definitely make audiences whom used to watch aesthetic appreciation felt extremely uneasy. One can of course choose to turn away from it, even so, the paintings must already leave a deeper impression on the audiences’ mind. The visual tension his work made can also provide some sort of psychological provocative and friction as a spiritual game playing between the painter and the viewers, which may be set up by the artist intentionally.

Mostly, his work is created in monochrome style, others or paint in dazzling red, or in shocking yellow, even the cool colours of blue-green appeared is very special and peculiar. A full composition with human flesh and skin of vitality is like crowded worms or swarms of fish, though the audiences would be trembled with fear by the festering wound, or scars of canceration, or densely covered with poisoning signs, and focus of infection. Such symbolic expression results a shocking scene: the economic development and shattered ideals in mainland China, nowadays, causing torrent of money-worshiping — active desires usually accompanied by soul of decline. But, the important part of such social phenomenon is not the expression itself but how to express. The symbolized technique YANG Hong used here is to highlight the human body which is creating a strong artistic effect.

Then, he did not stop by, in 2009, he started to draw his painting with touch of massing, texture and lively brushwork instead directly depict the intestines, so as to create a batch of expressive abstract works. Everything showed in his painting represents the artist energetic creative vigor and artistic talent. As a matter of fact, either to draw in figurative or abstractive style, or even expressing in between, it has not been a problem for the artist. Every work has its own basic characteristics, such as either the accumulating of the shape or colour blending, or to form a composition and a loose and free line drawing, or to provide variety of tone and intensity, among which YANG Hong is able to create a lively and unique scene.

YANG Hong would rather make a progress during his experimental creation, than remaining in a certain form or style. Besides, to the world around him, he has always reacted with strong emotions, and the pertinence toward outside seems not be able to hold back, which runs through his work, the symbol of expressivity, and the symbolic expression. At today’s society—a world of covering up the false and advocating the hypocrisy—YANG Hong’s work would touch the viewers’ consciousness and sentimental world profoundly. To face an uncertain world, daring reveals the spiritual truth of an era is an artist’s legitimate rights and responsibilities.

[Editor] Elemy Liu