Artist:"Everything Exists in the Magnetic Field"
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Everything in the world has its own acting force, producing a magnetic field by joint action, so do music and abstract painting.

 Liao Yu, Artwork

Everything in the world has its own acting force, producing a magnetic field by joint action, so do music and abstract painting. Acoustic symbols and visual symbols such as dots, lines, surfaces and colors are bearing their own acting forces, when they are organized under the control of emotions, they would exist in the magnetic filed, so the strain in the magnetic filed is bearing the emotional symbols. When appreciating, the audiences would involuntarily arouse their emotional initiatives by referring to themselves to participate in the communicative activities.

Any object in the universe, only by saying that it exists, then, it exists in the magnetic field, and it correlates with other objects around it. So does anything arising in the soul, because its original sources come from the objects, and they are not independently exist. Talking about correlations, it seems that we can represent it with a kind of measuring, but, this measuring is not referred to as scientific substantial data. If we represent correlations of objects we care with a scientific altitude, then it is not the art we talking about. Art needs participation of emotions and judging of experiences. Introduction of those psychological activities would result in discrepancy. Regardless of the process of composing, appreciation or acceptance, individual differences can result in great differences, this maybe the charm of the art. This rule is applied everywhere even if we obey a certain basic law of composing, because individuals are different, so the introduction of emotions is different for those with sympathetic emotion and those thinking of it as meaningless.

Notes in music section also form a correlation network, they also have a measuring correlation. We can express or record this measuring with tone, pitch, rhythm and tune, but this is just superficial. When you are in an acoustic field, you are moved by music, you maybe excited, upset, with flowing tears or overjoyed, this is the interactive action force of those notes you felt, can you measure such force with concrete data? This maybe what Kandinsky called “psyche shock”.

Music composers usually strengthen expressions of their feelings from objects by means of interactive action force of notes or sometime they weaken such expressions, all those are under control of the artist. The other way round, sometimes it is beyond the control of the artist and this is found by chances, originating from experiment and creation. Correlation and positions of various music sounds in the acoustic filed do not have one-to-one correspondence with correlation of objects. The interactive action force of objects is felt and formed into the emotional symbols. The artist, by making use of organization and expression of music symbol, transform emotional symbols and transmit to the audience by interactive action forces among sounds. Accordingly, the audience would arouse their own emotional experience to understand and receive emotional symbols transmitted by music till producing sympathetic response.

In fact, abstract painting has the same reason, each of dot, line, surface and color in the paintings bear forces. When they appear in the same painting, those forms and colors would interact with each other and concurrently exist in the same magnetic field, and none of them could get away from each other. Just like music composition, what abstract paintings pursue is neither the one-to-one correspondence correlation with environmental objects, nor a pure symbolic meaning, but the correlation controlled by emotion, in other words, it is the magnetic filed force after emotional symbols are accepted. I am not sure which concrete form or color symbols which object or emotion, but, forms and colors have their own independent values, and the values are represented by the action force in the magnetic filed of the painting. However, this action force would be affected by environmental forms and colors, and the size and direction of the action force would change. Therefore, any action force of anything including that of the soul is relative.

[Editor] Zhang Shuo