Marrakech Biennale - Shanghai Himalayas Museum Pavilion will be open on Feb. 28th in Morocco
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Marrakech Biennale - Shanghai Himalayas Museum Pavilion will be open on Feb. 28th, 2014, in Morocco...

Marrakech Biennale - Shanghai Himalayas Museum Pavilion will be open on Feb. 28th, 2014, in Morocco.The presence of Himalayas Museum at the 5th Marrakech Biennale, Morocco, marks a debut of art museum from China at this event. The motto of this year’s Marrakech Biennale is “Where are we now”. The exhibition “Oh, My Homeland!” of Shanghai Himalayas Museum at the biennale addresses this question with pictures of “homeland” and reflections on the role of artists. Four contemporary Chinese artists, Yuan Shun, Wang Nanming, Ni Weihua and Wang Jiuliang, using multiple forms of media such as photography, ink painting, installation and interactive performance, present an insight into their “homeland” through their own way of artistic writing. Besides the presentation of artwork, artist Yuan Shun is going to invite local children to collaborate with him during the completion of his performance/installation. Entitled “Mind Land”, the artist will encourage these children, who have never been to China, to use local clay and sands to create the landscape of China in their mind. Their works will be displayed along with artist’s own works.

As it is written in the foreword: “… urbanization vs. draught, smog, pollution; skylines vs. disappearance of natural landscape. The artists convey the spirit of critical art; they encourage viewers as well as themselves to face the reality and reflect on ‘where are we now’: What has our ‘homeland’ turned into?” Through the platform of the Marrakech Biennale, Shanghai Himalayas Museum aims at triggering a deepened reflection on how artists perceive, depict and influence societal development in different regions and cultures, and trying to offer a possible answer for the question “Where are we now?”

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Established by Shanghai Zendai Group in 2005, the Shanghai Himalayas Museum (formerly known as Shanghai Zendai MoMA) is a privately-funded, non-profit art institute focusing on art exhibition, education, collection, research and academic exchanges. With vision and an open mind, the museum plays an active role in promoting cultural and art developments, exploring new patterns for museums in the context of the contemporary society, discovering new art forces, and promoting communication and collaboration between China and abroad and among different disciplines to showcase and interpret eastern values and spirit with a contemporary touch.

Marrakech Biennale

In 2004 with the rise of global tensions, Vanessa Branson envisioned a cultural festival that would address social issues through the arts, using them as a vehicle for debate and discussion and to build bridges between diverse ideologies. The Marrakech Biennale has become a celebration of creativity in a city that has for centuries been the focus of artistic exploration but has had only limited emphasis on contemporary art. Beginning in 2005 as a gathering of arts enthusiasts who organised literary events and exhibitions, the Biennale has grown to become an internationally recognised event with a thriving visual art and literature programme. With the Biennale 2014 coming up, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new discipline, performing arts.

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