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Artintern is a far-reaching artistic organization that aims to promote and provide services to domestic and international contemporary artists. Building on specialized artistic networks, Artintern hopes to create an environment where artists, art admirers and investors can immerse themselves in the artistic world and enjoy the full ranging benefits that contemporary art across the globe has to offer.

i. Introduction of (English Version)

On one hand, is an independent site apart from the Chinese version ( Though some of the news are translated from the Chinese version, they are not exactly the same. On the other hand, also connects closely with the Chinese version, good artists’ and curators’ blogs will also be recommended to the homepage.

We accept articles from other websites, publications and individuals to the editors for possible post under the terms and conditions. Contact Email:

ii. How to use



News: Daily updated news covering Chinese contemporary art info and market as well as the world’s.


Exhibitions: Daily updated art events in the world. Three functions included: 1. Users can easily find art events of current, past and upcoming; 2. Target exhibitions can be searched by details such as title, artist, curator, city, organization, and opening date. 3. Art events are classified into art fair, Biennial/Triennial, Museums and Organizations and Galleries on the left hand of the page of exhibitions.


Artists: Basically, this channel is a synthesized one combined the others together. On the artist’s page, users can find all their news, exhibitions, videos, reviews as well as the newly updated works and blogs on


Videos: This channel includes videos about interviews, events, short report and artworks. As the spot light of, video channel will provide users a visual art world.


Reviews: This channel is a platform for the curators, critics and writers to show their sensitivity and talents.


iii. Most asked questions: (updated)

1. Can I join the Artists channel?

Yes. The artist channel opens to artists who participate in contemporary art all over the world. Chinese users can register in the Chinese version and upload your works in the picture gallery. The blog can be managed and updated by yourself and it will appear in the Artists channel; English version users can send resume and news, exhibitions, reviews as well as videos to and upload your work in the forum. All of these will be posted in the Artists channel. (The English forum of will be coming soon.)