"Oyama" Tadashi Artwork Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Curator: Holly Zhao
Duration: 2009-12-06 ~ 2009-12-16
Venue: 50 Shitan Lane,496 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai 
Host(s): Shanghai Hongmiao Art Gallery

The Japanese artist Oyama Tadashi keeps searching the visual aesthetics which can represent the contemporary art of East Asia. So he travels between China, Japan and Korea to look for his partners and held many exhibitions in the three countries. He worked with Mr Zhu Qi, the famous chinese art critic, to hold several large-scale exhibitions in Yokohama, Pusan and Shanghai. The most important travelling exhibition is the . Mr.Oyama curetored the for three times during these six years.

Mr. Oyama will show his block print works at Shanghai Hongmiao Art Gallery begins December 6th,2009. (The gallery " Shanghai Hongmiao Art " is located in Nanjing Dong LU, No. 496 and it is one of the oldest temple in Shanghai which has been converted into a gallery by a Chinese Lady called Mrs Li Xiangye.) The balls of different colours art appeared in every work of Oyama Tadashi, which means to save our environment.

In this exhibition, works by Oyama Tadashi have a basic visual character: inheriting the “peaceful” vision in the traditional art of East Asia. Such “peace” representing the gaze during a person’s daily life, after gazing , the visual image has been found. It also applies proper forms of contemporary art which include photography, silk screen, etching and digital print etc.While the expressions of male artist, are more about time and more massive. Paintings of Oyama Tadashi reflect the flowing of time through the images in the secular space.

The exhibition shows that artist begins to gaze at his heart again, he also find the existence of peace which is the precondition of the gaze. Such gaze is certainly impossible to return to a traditional extreme peace, it is a result of modernity affecting the individual. But such slightly chaotic peace and gaze at least form a visual power of contemporary art.


[Editor] Elemy Liu