"The Invisble Generation" Group Exhibition
City: Beijing and Shenzhen
Curator: Per Huttner and Daniele Balit
Duration: 2009-10-23 ~ 2010-03-31
Host(s): OCAT

The Invisible Generation is a collection of artistic interventions that spread virally across the continents of our globe. It uses the artistic and curatorial network of Vision Forum as a platform to multiply and make its way into the perception of people in public spaces of selected cities around the world. The project takes its starting point in performative traditions, but focuses on practices and events that cross over into other time-based activities as sound, film, video, literature, theatre, workshops and draws inspiration from other genres such as journalism, fashion, design and further afield from mathematics and physics.

The Invisible Generation started spreading from a base at the VCA Gallery in Melbourne in September 2009 and now the virus has arrived in Beijing and Shenzhen. Here it can be found in sonic material slipped into the desk drawers of a newspaper office (Yan Jun); carnivalesque costumes appearing in public space as temporary and wearable architectures (Natasha Rosling); a collection of lost images retold by storytellers in their everyday life (Good TV); a giant white pillow carried through the streets the Chinese capital to mirror its grandiose buildings (Yang Zhifei); re-enacted déjà vus intruding into the daily routine of subway passengers (Per Hüttner); unannounced public choreography of corruption and guilt (Dinu Li), portable zebra crossings to facilitate jaywalking (Neno Belchev) and temporary appropriation of institutions' unused spaces (Josefin Wikström and Sarah Kim). Together the interventions of The Invisible Generation in China form a multifaceted virus that infects temporality and colonizes social spaces to revitalize the very fabric of reality.

The Invisible Generation spread from OCAT (http://www.ocat.com.cn) in Shenzhen October 23-25 and will linger in various locations in Beijing throughout winter and until spring 2010.

Natasha Rosling–Performative Sculptures (Shenzhen and Beijing 23 Oct.–15 Nov.) Web: http://natasharosling.blogspot.com/
Jon Phillips and Matt Hope–Xiaoban speakers workshops and interventions (23-25/10 Shenzhen) Web: http://fabricatorz.com/
Neno Belchev–Tricycle and Suitcase Performances; Zebra crossing performance. (23, 24/10 Shenzhen).
Yang Zhifei–Dream workshop and exhibition (23-25/10 Shenzhen); The Pillow Performance (20-25/10 Beijing and Shenzhen) - url: http://visionforum-yangzhifei.blogspot.com/
Anne Klontz–11:11 Archive Experiment (Shenzhen and Beijing) Web:http://www.1111archiveexperiment.blogspot.com/
Per Hüttner–Deja-vu performances (23, 24/10 Shenzhen) Web: http://www.perhuttner.com/
Dinu Li–You Are the Corrupted One, performance (24/10 Shenzhen)
Hu Xiangqian–The Movement is the Music (24/10 Shenzhen)
Josefin Wikström and Sarah Kim–Deep Inside (ongoing Shenzhen and Beijing)
Good TV–This Image Is No More (Beijing) Web: http://juan-pedrofabra.blogspot.com/
Yan Jun–News for Tomorrow, Birdcage episode 3 (Beijing) Web: http://birdcagespace.com/
TIG Archive of Instructions (Beijing) Web: http://tig-melbourne.blogspot.com/
Yan Jun–The Feedback Audio Project (Beijing) Web: http://yanjunyanjun.blogspot.com/

For general information contact:

E-mail: vfprog@gmail.com
Tel: +86 13681145477
Web: http://theinvisiblegeneration.blogspot.com/


[Editor] Elemy Liu