The 10th Open International Performance Art Festival
City: Beijing
Curator: Jill Mc Dermid
Duration: 2009-08-05 ~ 2009-09-27
Venue: Sevenstart Middle Street 798 Art zoon No.4 Jiu Xianqiao Road Chaoyang District Beijing
Participating Artist(s): about 400 performance artists
Host(s): OPEN Realization Contemporary Art Center

Open Art Festival Lectures:
Afternoon 2nd Sep 14:00 ---17:00
1, Panel Members:Rodney Dickson(British / American),Male,Jill McDermid(USA) Female,Myk Henry(USA)Male,Erik Hokansen(USA)Male & 4 Chinese artists,
Lecture Topic: Stupid Foreigners
2, Lecture Topic: Panel Members:Rocio Boliver(Mexico)Female, Jill McDermid (USA), Female, Mideo M. Cruz (Philippines), Male  
Lecture Topic:Post Performance(Disscusion)

 The schedule for the live works:
13:00---18:00   3rd Aug Chinese performance live
13:00---18:00   4th Aug foreign performance live
13:00---18:00   5th Aug foreign performance live
13:00---18:00   6th Aug foreign performance live

The curator of Week 5  Jill Mc Dermid  (USA)

The artists of Week 5
Rocio Boliver (Mexico) Female
Marie  Andree Rho (Canada)Female
oana Georgescu (Canada)Female
Non Grata Group (Estonia)
Al Paldrok as Anonymous Boh  Male
Taje Tross as Devil Girl  Female
Toomas Kuusing as Little Tom  Female
(France)*Ph. Castellin  & Jean Torregrosa(Akenaton组合)
Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)  Male
Erik Hokanson (USA) Male
Peter Dobill (USA) Male
Matthew White (USA) Male
Myk Henry (USA/ Ireland) Male
Rodney Dickson (USA/UK) Male
Mideo M Cruz (Philippines)  Male
Racquel de Loyola (Philippines) Male
Nezaket Ekici (Turkey/Germany)  Female
Peter Kastner (Germany) Male
Ly Hoang Ly (Vietnam) Female
Yoko Toda (USA/Japan ) Female
Mark Lawrence Stafford  (USA)  Male
Nicholas O' Neal Blume (USA) Male
Marni Kotak (USA) Male
Rebecca Jampol (USA) Female
Jill Wickenheison (USA) Female
Sarah Paulson & Holly Faurot (USA) Female
Jill Mc Dermid (USA) Female
Moira Tierney (Ireland) Female
Cao Jiaqi (China) Male
Luo Yue (China) Male
Huang Yan (China) Male
Jia Qianlan (China) Female
Lin Bing (China) Male
Xiao Maizi (China) Male
Xue Li Ming (China) Male
Wen Zhu (China) Male
Liu Jin (China) Male
Liu Sihai ( China)  Male
Pian Shankong (China)Male
NyK Naicoykatiushka (Chile/USA) Male/Female
Bryce Kaufman (USA) Male
Hu Junqiang (China)  Male
Zhang Xianmin (China) Male

The 10th Open art festival lectures venue:
Chinese Independent film archive  798E06
The Festival picture exhibition and live works venue:
Open Realization Contemporary Art Center—The first workshop in Sevenstart Middle Street 798 Art zoon No.4 Jiu Xianqiao Road Chaoyang District Beijing.100015
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