Beyond the Border
City: Chengdu, Sichuang Province
Curator: Zheng Na
Duration: 2009-06-28 ~ 2009-08-18
Venue: 5F Zi lan building ,10 Hang kong road ,Chengdu, Sichuan
Participating Artist(s): Li Changlong, Luo Jie, Wang Fenghua, Wang Jing, Zhang Dan, Zheng Da
Host(s): Number 10 Gallery Of Art

About Art Gallery No.10


Art Gallery No.10 , a new artist space that locates in the south prosperous part of Chengdu, aims at illustrating the developing footprint of contemporary and modern arts, in the way of professional multiples space. The exhibition hall covers 750 square meters of the whole layer, the wall for art exhibition is 4.5 meters high and 220m in length, there are also a 1000 sqm open garden area specially for sculpture showing, beside those, a coffee art salon (200sqm) for relaxation, film showing, lectures and other art communication actions.


On the basis of complete hardware and perfect facilities, Art G. No.10 will make its all special functions to service the modern art. We focus on academic depth and local art resource and believe only in this way, the art could flow with the new life style of the artists, commenter, attorneys, collectors and commonalties.  


As our expectation, Art G. No.10 will become an important stage for showing the creation and research new outcomes of Chinese contemporary art works. It will be an outstanding place in the south-west part of China, so much as the whole nation wide for collection, exhibition, research and communication on Chinese contemporary and modern art works.


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Address: Number 10 Gallery of Art .

5F Zi lan building ,10 Hang kong road ,Chengdu, Sichuan .

Zip Code:610041
Opening Hours:Daily from 10
:00 - 24:00



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