Inner Dialogue
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2009-01-15 ~ 2009-02-15
Venue: Elisabeth de Brabant
Participating Artist(s): Wang Xiaohui,Jin Jiangbo,Luo Er Qi
Host(s): Elisabeth de Brabant

Three very distinct artists express their Inner Dialogue. Going back to the original source of the creation of the artist; Xiao Hui Wang’s first works are presented. Back to her essence, her pain and her inspiration. Radical life changing experiences began an inner dialogue of the feminine, which she saw in imperceptible details of being. Well known for his provocative and contemporary multi-media installations and social commentary, for the fist time a little known side of the acclaimed artist Jin Jiang Bo is presented. He creates beauty from the urbanism he has been working with for years, and poetry from the most common elements.

Upcoming artist Luo Er Qi is a forthcoming talent with a classical background as a painter, who expresses himself in three-dimensional forms. He challenges the viewer by creating an inner dialogue from details that often go unnoticed.

About Elisabeth de Brabant

Elisabeth de Brabant is a contemporary art curator and consultant, based in Shanghai with offices in Paris and Hong Kong. She works with a network of artists throughout China and Asia.

Born in New York, on the Upper East Side, Elisabeth’s interest in Asian art has its roots in a family that has been in Asia since 1908 and who have historically been major collectors and donators of contemporary art. Elisabeth herself earned a BA in Art History and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and went on to complete her combined Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Central St. Martin’s in London and Parson’s School of Design in New York.

Through her various activities, Elisabeth is committed to creating platforms for new dialogues around art and opportunities for artists and art connoisseurs alike to push the boundaries of conventional paradigms for understanding art. She works with many established, heavily collected international artists, as well as supporting the development of up and coming talent.

The Elisabeth de Brabant Art Space is a platform for dialogue and creative vision around Chinese Contemporary Art. Programs include resident artists and art exhibitions, lectures, workshops and symposiums, all of which aim to encourage intellectual collaboration between collectors, artists and art lovers.


[Editor] Zhang Shuo