01 Simulations:Miao Xiaochun 2006-2018
City: Shenzhen
Curator: Li Zhenhua
Academic Presider: Feng Feng
Duration: 2019-01-19 ~ 2019-04-08
Opening: 15:00, Jan. 19, 2019
Venue: OCT Art & Design Gallery
Participating Artist(s): Miao Xiaochun
Host(s): OCT Art & Design Gallery

Director: Luan Qian

Exhibition Assistant: Yu Minling

Support: OCT Group Co., Ltd.

Acknowledgement: InterContinental Shenzhen

Organized by OCT Art & Design Gallery and curated by Li Zhenhua, independent curator, “01 Simulations: Miao Xiaochun 2006-2018”will be opened on 19 Jan. and go through 8 April 2019. As a retrospective of Miao Xiaochun’s art creation based on softwares since 2006, this exhibition tries to present how the artist, at a mature stage, thinks about his work and explores transformation to build his art system.

This exhibition is about all media relations generated from Miao Xiaochun’s art, as well as how different media function among each other. Production of knowledge and art, space exploration and history study, aesthetic method and public experience, rely on each other in this exhibition.Images, animations, paintings, sculptures, etc., all these different media can be considered as a whole and combined into one in his work.

“01 Simulations”, a solo exhibition of Miao Xiaochun, is another exploration of OCT Art & Design Gallery on the theme of “The Future”. As the first gallery dedicated to design in China, OCT Art & Design Gallery hopes to catalyze and inspire the creation of new art forms that belong to the new era at the exhibition through a hint, a warning or a prophesy and to arouse the awareness of the public and their participation in our future. While we talk about our future, we have already started to think about the possibilities in it.


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