"Recurring" Dialogue across Time and Space
City: Beijing
Duration: 2019-01-19 ~ 2019-03-17
Venue: Mountain Art Beijing & Frank Lin Art Center
Address: No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd. 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District,797 Rd.
Participating Artist(s): Cheng Yong、Li Hongbo、Wu Zhengyan、Xu Lei、Zhong Biao

Time is recurring with its attributes of flowability and continuity. Going through a following phase is endowed with people’s aspiration of a brand new start. The connotation of sprouting and revival is also buried in the semantic notion of recurring. Accordingly, time carries a spectacular weight as it recurs.

“Where hills bend, streams wind and the pathway seems to end, past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village.” This seemly intricate structure in Lu You’s poem A Trip to Mountain West Village manifests a scenario of recurrence, repetition, superposition, as well as the potential that can lead to transformation and reinvention. The multi-layered interpretation also coincides with the five artists’ creation in this exhibition. These works lies in their grasp of the contemporary (art form and social phenomenon), while are grounded in the past (traditional, native components and past in the space-time dimension). Through the sophisticated manipulations of restoring, interlacing, juxtaposing and reassembling the elements across time and space, the hybridity account for the possibility of regenerating……Herein, the recurring interaction is no longer monotonous but thrives with visual innovation, constant stimulation, and ultimately opens to infinite transformations.


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[Editor] 张艳