"Everything Has a Soul"XU Jin Solo Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2019-01-12 ~ 2019-03-03
Opening: 4 – 7 pm, 12 January 2019
Venue: Don Gallery
Address: Unit 302, 2879 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): XU Jin

This winter, Don Gallery is honoured to present an extraordinary collection of paintings by New York-and-Hangzhou-based artist XU Jin, the pioneering member of China’s '85 New Wave and its “'85 New Space” exhibition who has persisted with themedium for more than four decades. In his first exhibition with Don Gallery, XU Jin depicts a series of interconnected subjects to construct composites of historical metaphors, mythical realities and perceptual illusions at a phenomenological level.

Through a pre-established language of landscaped forms, XU Jin transposes fragments from both individual and collective experience, also explores?the evocative aggregates between the utopic and dystopic ideas about modern society. He redefines the confusing, incongruent episodes of human tragedies by enveloping the beholders within a particular weakness of the war-like conditions in mundane life. The confounding wilderness in his oeuvre goes beyond the range of existentialism, yet reinforcing the barbaric sadistic nature toward a culture of regression. His frequent reference to environmental contamination and terrorism issues calls forth the non-distanced gaze on the terrible twist of fate and its burden. The continuing significance of critical consciousness demonstrates itself as the point of departure for an integral path in XU Jin’s practice.


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[Editor] 张艳