"Velvet Traveling Diaries"Anton Molnar Solo Exhibition
City: Singapore
Opening: 23rd November 2018, 6-9 pm
Address: 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery #01-11, Singapore 238883
Participating Artist(s): Anton Molnar


'From the very first signs of artistic expressions up to current cutting edge contemporary pieces, a specific element interlinks art over time: the story. Art tells a story, whether it is factual, mystical, educational, poetic or philosophic.'

Anton Molnár works of art are immediately recognisable. His story is everywhere, in both form and substance, and in his landmark compositions. Just as a musician would combine notes, he “tunes” protagonists, atmospheres, objects, patina and calligraphy in an irresistibly readable tale. First we see, then we observe, we notice, we recognise, we question… and finally build up our own story.

This is the uniqueness of his work. A storyteller-composer-artist whose “pictorial tales” are calling us to turn into actors of his painting’s lives. To a traditional technique and formation Anton Molnar allies a contemporary approach, a combination which makes his pieces so special. He considers painting an art of living, a language, a way to constantly questioning himself and his time.

One can think that such diversity is the result of the artist’s personal culture, as he lived in very different countries and travelled extensively. Or else: his two lives, diametrically opposed, on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

In 1988 Anton Molnar moved to France with his family and discovered a country where art is free of boundaries. His pieces are a means to depict the atmosphere of our 21st century, through his personal vision, culture and emotions. More than his experience, it is his personality that the artist reveals through his paintings. He is narrating his story, sharing his own vision of the world, his way of working, of thinking.


[Editor] 张艳