"Fairyland Creatures" Deng Xinli & Xie Yi Works Show
City: Singapore
Duration: 2018-10-27 ~ 2018-11-15
Opening: 27th October 2018, 2 - 5pm
Address: 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, Singapore
Participating Artist(s): Deng Xinli、Xie Yi

Deng Xinli

Born in 1974

Deng Xinli is the representative of a new breed of Chinese artists, whose artistic experience is rooted in tradition while reflecting their views towards the current age of mass culture and post-socialism as a dialogue between the past and the future. He uses an almost graphical and pictorial visual language to present a fantastical world encompassing Chinese mythologies and surreal imaginations.

Xie Yi

Born in 1977

Xie Yi is inspired by traditional Chinese paintings as she paints the sparsely populated landscape background in her works. The central form in her work is the horse that in Chinese culture holds much meaning and history and is part of art, literature and mythology. The horses and cranes symbolise nobility, purity and energy.


[Editor] 张艳