"Flowering down the Stream" Group Exhibition
City: Guangzhou
Curator: Kelvin Huang
Duration: 2018-10-20 ~ 2018-11-26
Opening: 15:00 on Oct.20 (Sat.)2018
Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery
Address: No.9, Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Huang Yu、Su Qianjun、Sun Xiaoxiao

Travel in Autumn

The so-called "art" person, to put it in a decent way, refers to the traveler on the way of art. Here, I would like to start from the famous Travelers among Mountains and Streams of Fan Kuan, a painter in the reign of Emperor Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty, and talk about the three postgraduate students who graduated from the pathway of mineral color painting at the Department of Chinese Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

The time of three years is both long and short. Because the materials and techniques in the art of mineral color painting are quite unique, they spent most of these three years exploring, which involves two aspects: one is to be familiar with material and techniques, the use of “tools”; the second is to enrich the traditional mode of “five shades of ink” into a multidimensional color expression. However, all of these has to be carried out along and around a main clue, and this requires them to "observe and learn from the nature", since you would not be able to find the self without looking at the "outside", and you would be prone to confusing "right and wrong" without proper learning.

Among the three of them, Huang Yu is the oldest. He is an honest, sincere, straightforward lad who adores animals. And that is why he prefers to manifesting the walking or crawling four-legged animals. The second one is Su Qianjun, who has been staying in the Academy since her studied at the affiliated school till she graduated from the postgraduate school. These years definitely earned her the title of “old GAFAer”. As for the last girl, Sun Xiaoxiao, probably because of her young age, she described herself that: “…father always says that I’m not brave. My paintings are mostly about beautiful flowers, adorable animals, and maybe some lovely scenes in daily life…”

In fact, talking about painting and expression, whether it is the birds in the sky or the beasts on the ground, whether it is the magnificent peony or the flowers and plants on the side of the country road, as long as there are feelings, there is love, and you move others only when you move yourself. I hope that all of them will take this as a starting point, bearing in mind their homage to nature, their pursuit of art, and love of life, to start their own way of art.

Wan Xiaoning



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