"Half of poetry" Group Exhibition
City: Hangzhou
Duration: 2018-10-14 ~ 2018-11-29
Opening: 2018.10.14,19:00
Venue: Van Art Space
Address: #3-108,Phoenix commune,167 Fenghuangshanjiao Road Uptown,Hangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Wang Chuan、JingShijian、Li Di、Hong Dan

Van Art Space is honoured to announce that thenew exhibition Half of the Sentence will open on October 14. Thisexhibition will present more than 20 abstract paintings by Wang Chuan, JingShijian, Li Di and Hong Dan.

I saw a wonderful saying on the Internet:"In fact, abstract art is closest to music. We can think of abstractpainting and music as a kind of feedback of the character's state of mind. Thiskind of emotion is sharp or deep, or flat or heated.

It is futile to analyze the specific intentionbehind the painting. The brush that the painter wields at the time of creationconnects the deepest self and perception. The dots and lines on the screen arethe echoes of the artist's inner world on the canvas..."

Music, poetry and painting all have the same merits as each other. They all directly reflect social life and personal feelings through colorful artistic images and means. The rules of rational language form with music, theimagery of painting and the lyricism of poetry. The exhibition borrows the sameconcept of them.The three artists in this exhibition, whose works seem to flow unconsciously, either abstract or concrete, or naive and interesting, or deep and restrained....It is a romantic reflection of the artist's current mind. In the beautiful golden autumn season,half-sentence poems are written. As for the other half, let it flow in your heart.


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[Editor] 张艳