"Flower of Soul emitted by Estrogen" Tan Qin Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Curator: Cang Xin
Academic Presider: Li Niannu
Duration: 2018-10-14 ~ 2018-10-19
Opening: 15:30, Oct. 14th, 2018
Venue: Shangyuan Art Museum, Exhibition Hall No. 2
Participating Artist(s): Tan Qin
Host(s): Shangyuan Art Museum

I have known Tan Qin for several years. She is a passionate, innocent, reserved and sincere young woman. She used to work in my studio, a hardworking and trustworthy individual.

These paintings remind me of her, being upright and shy. These images are solid with heavy colors and big contrast, combining with twisted limbs and figurative faces which have created a female world that she is trying to narrate.

The way women think is based on intuition and sensibility. These natural talents decide their judgement: they always are able to sense the change of body and the influence on living environment to create a unique female perception. Therefore, in the beginning of human society, tribal chiefs were mostly women, and there were more witches than wizards. French philosopher Simone Simone de Beauvoir calls it the Second Sex.

From Tan Qin’s paintings, I can see her expression through this intuitive instinct to pour out anxiety, sorrow, desire, impulse, trouble, and struggle. This is her reflection and self-revelation over the cruel world. This is what estrogen emits: Tan Qin’s soul.

by Cang Xin


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