"Reestablish the Garden of Eden" Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Opening: 2018.9.27,3-6 pm
Venue: Yang Gallery
Address: 3rd Tao Ci Street, No.4 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, 798 Art District, Chao Yang District, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Liu Ruowang

'In this universe dominated by imagination, people can express their authenticity without any scruples, without harming anyone. This is the beginning of beauty and the practice of beauty. Within this space, let us re-establish the Garden Eden again.' - Liu Ruowang

Liu Ruowang is born in 1977, Jia County, Shanxi Province, China. He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 2005 and one of his renowned most series ‘Mountains & the Sea’ was selected for ‘Bright Lights of the Academy’ exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Art and awarded an honor for outstanding achievement.

Shanxi province witnessed most of the historical events in ancient China and this influenced Liu Ruowang while growing up. In Liu’s works, their vitality seem to conceal their greatness. Liu Ruowang deserted the burden of imitating just forms, but pursued a higher level of ‘expressiveness’ on the basis of being similar in spirits.

Where did we come from? Where are we going? What’s the burden on us? How should we save our souls? These questions are all in Liu’s works. As a Chinese proverb goes: ‘peaches and plums do not have to talk, yet the world beats a path to them.’ (桃李不言,树下成溪)

The souls of these ancients enter into our consciousness and gradually, viewers can’t help feeling the purity of our roots and the power of thinking when looking at such works, which is exactly the highest level of art creation. Liu Ruowang, with his fantastical composition, establishes the image of the modern group and recovers a connection between people’s history and us.


[Editor] 张艳