"Daily Abstract" Group Exhibition 
City: Hong Kong
Curator: Leung Shiu Kee,Eric
Duration: 2018-09-26 ~ 2018-10-20
Venue: Contemporary by Angela Li
Address: G/F, 248 Hollywood Road,Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Participating Artist(s): Chan Man Wa,Kennis、Cheng Ryan Christopher、Cheuk Wing Nam、Cheung Ho Keung, Edward、Cheung Pik Wa, Renita、Reni Haymond、Ho Kwun Ting、Nicole Jean Mccorkell、Yu Ching Yan, Francia、Yuen Ka Yee, Angela

Contemporary by Angela Li presents group exhibition Daily Abstract, investigating the exploration of abstract art by 10 new generation Hong Kong artists using various styles and medium, while studying the meaning of abstract art and its contemporary context.

Abstraction is not only an artistic style, but can also be a daily behaviour. Abstract art can be described as a process of elimination of the figurative. From the earlier methods of reducing and simplifying landscapes and objects, to the use of simple points, lines, planes and colour blocks to get geometric abstraction, to using vigorous brushstrokes to achieve abstract expressionism with intense emotions, abstract art has evolved continuously over time and developed into different movements. In contemporary art, abstraction may be closer to the original concept of philosophy, which is the process of extracting then further generalizing an idea. The creation of contemporary art is often an extraction, refinement and re-creation of a concept. This process is integrated into our daily life as part of our cognitive process, hence abstraction could be said as a daily behaviour. The exhibition Daily Abstract hopes to reduce the distance between art and our daily lives by reintegrating them together.

Cheung Ho Keung, Edward’s Blueprint - Grassland uses sticky tapes to measure the distance of a land, then rolls the tape with withered leaves and soil glued to it, into a richly textured circular ring. The ring incarnates the nature, sealing the artist’s memories of the field. In Yuen Ka Yee, Angela’s motor LED light installation Chrono Cross, she uses common plastic toys that she collects to make a rotating city. Light travels through the structure, casting colourful, shimmering lights and shadows, commemorating Hong Kong’s once glorious manufacturing industry and era. Inspired by the abstract art master Wassily Kandinsky, Cheuk Wing Nam’s new media work dah dah dah dah is composed of various radio parts into the style of Kandinsky’s geometric and biomorphic flat planes. The machine continuously and automatically looks for radio channels and plays all kinds of inexplicable sounds, randomly generating and composing music in an abstract form.

The exhibition also includes paintings about life experiences in the style of abstract expressionism. Yu Ching Yan, Francia uses a calm tone in her Sunset series to express her sentimental feelings towards how quickly time flies in school; while Nicole Jean Mccorkell’s Tell me what's left after the party is her reflection upon the meaning behind having fun by painting child-like images with light and colourful strokes.

Chan Man Wa, Kennis and Reni Haymond explore geometric abstraction in their acrylic paintings and ballpen drawings, while Cheng Ryan Christopher’s stoneware and Ho Kwun Ting‘s Shan Shui linear landscape sculptures represent abstraction in three-dimensional forms. Each participating artist has their own unique style, reflecting the diversity of creation and ingenuity of the new generation of local artists, and at the same time giving different angles for thinking and interpretation of abstract art.


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[Editor] 张艳