Parliament of Love - P. Gnana & Zhang Xiangming Joint Solo Exhibition
City: Singapore
Opening: 2018.9.15 3-6 pm
Venue: Yang Gallery
Address: 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, Singapore
Participating Artist(s): P. Gnana、Zhang Xiangming


These paintings and sculptures by P. Gnana, under a visual language of whimsically-stylised imagery of human figures within the universal concept of love. And this love that P. Gnana so eloquently portrays, connects to as many perspectives as one can imagine. Some figures are intentionally androgynous, whereby gender is no hindrance to the viewer’s response to the alluring feel of unconditional love. And some figures are absolutely defined, perhaps in the case of the timeless concept of the Mother and Child. Nevertheless, the concept remains poignant and invincible.

Zhang Xiangming regards his art as a presentation of symptoms. His recent concentration on a single subjective range – young, attractive women of an Asian cast – may be pitched in order to exploit scopic interest, even desire, but it has been chosen, and is varied, in order to reflect social circumstances, circumstances that pertain within China and without. “The porcelain skin of the lady in my painting symbolizes a high degree of spiritual indifference and melancholy that come about when ideals have vanished,” Zhang explains. By taking a closer look at the changes in women and how they are represented, various changes can be suggested about the human race. Women are the manifestations of myriad personalities and lifestyles in a particular climate.

About the Artists

P. Gnana is a distinguished, leading painter and sculptor in Singapore. It is a fact that exemplary paintings by Gnana are in the collections of the current President of the Republic of Singapore, of the Singapore Art Museum of the National Heritage Board in Singapore. Other collectors of his artworks include the Coutts Bank, Ascenda’s International Tech Park in Chennai and several private corporations and individual art collectors in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe.

In 2002, Gnana was a recipient of the LASALLE Scholarship of the LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), from where he received his formal training in the art of painting. With great confidence and an abundance of practical and aesthetic ideas, Gnana transforms the meaning and purpose of mundane, everyday objects into awe-inspiring poignant expressions of urban relevance.

Born in Guangrao, Shandong, Zhang Xiangming graduated from the Shandong Normal University art department in 2003. He went on to study research work of oil paintings in the Artistic Research Institute of China in 2007. Zhang Xiangming uses fine and realistic painting skills to give a strong and distinctive character to the female subjects. Even though they appear restless and calm, they still have a kind of indescribable beauty. His works have been collected by prestige corporate and private collections globally since the past decade.

Zhang Xiangming’s phenomenal hyper-realistic series of works “Beijing Girl” depicts young women’s urban life spirit in the contemporary society. Despite looking beautiful and innocent, they ooze an alluring nature that is rebellious and sensuous at the same time.


[Editor] 张艳