T'ang Haywen: Works on Paper
City: Beijing
Duration: 2018-09-15 ~ 2018-10-27
Opening: 2018.9.15(Sat.)16:00-18:00
Address: 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District,Beijng
Participating Artist(s): T'ang Haywen

HdM Gallery is delighted to announce our forthcoming exhibition, showcasing works on paper of Chinese artist T’ang Haywen. An important figure in Modern Ink, T’ang Haywen belongs to the group of Chinese painters who settled in Paris after World War II. This background is reflected in his works, which straddle the two cultures – amalgamating the traditional Chinese aesthetic of ink brush painting and Western abstract expressionism.

Born in 1927 in Xiamen in Fujian Province, China, T’ang’s early education was influenced by his grandfather who ingrained in him an understanding of the principles of both Taoism and traditional Chinese calligraphy. In 1948, T’ang moved to Paris with the intention of studying medicine, yet soon became passionately immersed in the cultural environment of the time studying French Civilisation, Classical texts and the works of Western masters. As a result, T’ang’s works began to coalesce Eastern Taoist tradition with the more lyrical Western aesthetic – producing homages to artists among which were Cezanne, Monet, and Turner – while continuing to exemplify the simplicity and elegance typical of the Chinese artistic style.

By 1960’s T’ang’s works had seen a development – moving away from the more figurative and formal elements of his earlier works striving to represent that which is more abstract – the essential, transcendent and universal. T’ang himself defines his intention ‘to go beyond the conscious world to identify with the forces of nature and materialise them through painting’.

His pieces are shaped by the spiritual elements of the Taoist approach to painting. The artist seeks to capture emotional expression – spontaneous, unadulterated and natural. His works capture an instant in nature through the eyes of the artist himself. Employing traditional techniques, T’ang’s works are intensely personal – capturing unrestrained energy within the parameters of Taoist artistic ideals. Rendered in few brushstrokes, his works are testament to his belief that Ink Painting is the embodiment of energy, - dynamic, spontaneous and textured.

Widely collected and exhibited, T’ang’s works are internationally renowned and he has pieces in prominent museums both domestic and international. Such institutions include the Museum of Modern Art, Paris City Museum(Paris), the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago), Cernuschi Museum (Paris), Guimet – National Museum of Asian Art (Paris), and the M+ Museum (Hong Kong).


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