Repetition as Art:Zhao Zhao Takes Action
City: Hong Kong
Curator: Charles Merewether
Duration: 2018-09-12 ~ 2018-10-28
Opening: 12th September, 2018 (Wednesday) 6-8pm
Venue: Osage Gallery
Address: 4/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Participating Artist(s): Zhao Zhao

Curated by Charles Merewether, Repetition as Art: Zhao Zhao Takes Action gives insight to three series of work by one of China’s principle younger contemporary artists, Zhao Zhao, with pieces created as early as 2012.

Excerpted from Merewether’s essay:

The concept of this exhibition by Zhao Zhao is based on a broad definition of repetition as a modality characterizing an aspect of contemporary life. That is, repetition is part of the operational structure of an economy in which recycling and assemblage are a part of the character and functioning of daily life. As such, we may think about processes and actions which have been normalized as a part of contemporary life.

Repetition as Art: Zhao Zhao Takes Action shows three aspects of this approach in earlier work by Zhao Zhao. The first is the recycling of discarded material that was used for the making of furniture, the second is a recovery and re-assembling of desecrated sacred Chinese sculpture and thirdly, a performance that distinguishes and focuses on everyday social codes.

The first two of these works serve to highlight the original subject or reference point whereas, the third work captures and perpetuates a performative and ephemeral social gesture as a work of art. Seen together, we can see how Zhao Zhao gives daily life a visible materiality, as if providing evidence of aspects of their otherwise unseen or forgotten existence. By repeating something, he both makes something new as an art form while, referring to the original source of its creation. Repetition is never simply the same as before, it occurs over time.


[Editor] 张艳