"Brilliant City" Group Exhibition
City: Hong Kong
Duration: 2018-07-06 ~ 2018-08-04
Opening: Friday, 6 July, 6 – 8pm
Venue: David Zwirner
Address: 5-6/F, H Queen's,80 Queen's Road, Central,Hong Kong
Participating Artist(s): Francis Alÿs、Chen Wei、Stan Douglas、Li Qing、Michael Lin、Gordon Matta-Clark、Ming Wong

David Zwirner is pleased to present Brilliant City, a group exhibition organized by Leo Xu at the gallery’s Hong Kong location featuring work by Francis Alÿs, Chen Wei, Stan Douglas, Li Qing, Michael Lin, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Ming Wong. The exhibition borrows its title from the lyrics of the 1987 Cantopop classic song “Starry Night,” in which the Hong Kong–based electro duo Tat Ming Pair illustrate the perplexing brilliance of the city’s landscape at night, and the feeling of loss and doubt that it harbors amongst its youth. Drawing inspiration from Hong Kong, an archetypal dystopian metropolis characterized by its unparalleled density and lofty high rises, this exhibition explores how artists across generations and locations have engaged with the complexity of urban space.


[Editor] 张艳