Chen Qingyong Solo Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Curator: Dr.Yu Mengqun
Duration: 2018-07-08 ~ 2018-08-29
Opening: 2018.07.08(Sun.) 3pm
Venue: ATA Space
Address: #109, Building7, No.50 Moganshan Road, M50, Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Chen Qingyong

Brick naturally has two properties, one is materialistic, one is decorative. Artist Chen Qingyong’s brick paintings dispelled these two architectural properties and makes the bricks exist independently as the carrier art.

These hundred-year-old black bricks have left rich texture and traces on theirsurfaces. Based on these texture and traces, the artist comprehended the"intention" of the layout from the “unintentional” nature and painted on the bricks with colors and created a unique world of ancient bricks. At the same time, the characters with red skin appear in brick paintings in large numbers and play various roles, and this is the ideal state of the artist to find apure land to settle down freely and indulge in the peach garden of ancientbricks.

——Dr. Yu Mengqun


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