"Garden No.79" Lu Ying-Chang Solo Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2018-07-07 ~ 2018-09-07
Venue: Philippe Staib Gallery
Address: 6-102 M50, Moganshan Rd,Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Lu Ying-Chang

Regarding "Garden No. 79" I have an imagination. It was a picture that existed from a very young age. When I was scared, no matter where, she would appear in the garden. In the garden she gave me so much power. I feel a lot of goodness and warmth in the garden. In the garden, I was frozen. The most precious time. I turned into a leopard, looking for it in the garden...This garden is not just for me but it is always in everyone's heart...Where am I? The garden is there. You are in the ark, I will be with you in the garden of Ark.


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