The Journey of A Promise-Oil Paintings by Pang Jiun
City: Hong Kong
Duration: 2018-07-10 ~ 2018-07-31
Opening: Tuesday, 10th July 2018 6pm to 8:30pm
Address: The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong

ArtistPang Jiun

A Retrospective Exhibition of the Decades Long Creative Journey of a Contemporary Oil Painting Master - including specially commissioned new works

“The Journey of a Promise – Oil Paintings by Pang Jiun”, an exhibition showcasing the creative process over the last 60 years of a man considered to be one of the great masters of Chinese oil painting. Pang has long been hailed as the Qi Baishi of oil painting. Employing a style that recalls both Fauvism and the poetic feeling of Chinese ink painting, Pang uses tones of grey to depict misty scenery in his works, most of which are landscapes, still lifes and human figures. Now, in addition to displaying some of his greatest paintings from the past, Hongkong Land has the great honour of having Mr Pang create new artworks for this upcoming exhibition, with paintings featuring Hong Kong themes rendered in his distinctive east-meets-west artistic style. The exhibition will run from 10th to 31st July 2018 at The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central.

On a mission to change the belief that “oil paintings don’t belong to the Chinese”, Pang’s decades-long career has been marked by an obsession to create oil on canvases with Chinese characteristics. “The Journey of a Promise – Oil Paintings by Pang Jiun” will feature over 30 masterworks created by Pang at various periods and places, all displayed within a venue designed to reflect traditional Chinese landscape gardening. Presented with vistas streaming through classical lattice work and oil paintings hanging on an array of white Chinese garden walls, visitors will find themselves steeped in the scenery of a literati garden.


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