Reflection in Zero First in Dalian: New Media Space Iaging Art Exhibition
City: Dalian
Curator: Zhang Yuan、Chang Ji、Yang Yi
Duration: 2018-07-07 ~ 2018-07-15
Opening: 2018.7.7(Sat.)14:00
Venue: Dalian Junmei Art Commune
Address: No.448 Hutan Road Dalian (In the middle of Zhongnan Police Station and Reggae Middle School)
Host(s): Dept. of Digital Media, Art Design College, Dalian Polytechnic University
Co-organization(s): Dalian Junmei Art Commune

Teams:ICSPACE、AM Studio


Ever since the first beam of light came to us at birth, image has become a vital media for us to sense the world. In our subjective consciousness, it’s what we see that makes up the truth, so that images surrounding us generate what we call it “the world”, which becomes a outer form that we board in.

The cold factory gate in Lumière’s films has signified the beginning of image industry, but images under politics and capitalism are gradually betraying its initial and poetic possibilities. We indulge in the wild joy from images. We are getting used to it, becoming numb, voluntary, and finally even obsessed with the “truth” fed to us , just like the prisoners in Plato’s cave.

Here is the time flowing with images. With the glimmer of screens, before sinking into the final sleep, the catafalque coach that vanished in front of Georges Méliès would appear once again. At that moment, we might find the keenness, craftiness and devotion that a magician has retained on truth have always been trying to arouse our undying urge deep inside. With no wonder and no fear, let’s come out of the cave and have a true dream instead of dreaming about truth.

In this exhibition, we’ll build up a physical space with the heatless images that are intensely sparkling against the reality and releasing energy in a specific way. This is also going to be a base for communion and expression while culture respect is the precondition.


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[Editor] 张艳