"Luan Ba Zi Tuo Hui" The Art Exhibition of Ma Bing
City: Beijing
Curator: Yuan Ting Xuan
Duration: 2018-06-16 ~ 2018-07-15
Opening: 2018.06.15,16:00
Venue: AnotherArt Center
Address: No. 6, Zuodi Road, Luoma Lake, Shunyi District, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Ma Bing

Artistic Director: Li Yujun

publisher:Shao Wei


MaBing chooses Bukowski. He takes the final contextualized images as representation of reality, all the images are from text, and then extracted back into text. The images from written stories are regarded as a kind of residual body; and the paintings are taken as post-showing content in this process of cross- bred forms, it is definitely not the primary, or the only actual by-product, however, as an evidence of initiation, they were forced to be refloated, shown to public in a big way, and then with a mirroring of dismemberment to step on stage. In this relation, text and paintings are not material and subject, metaphor and passive metaphor relations, as well as not a calm self-modelling object, after separating from the constraint of textuality and paintings by mutual corroboration, the works are rebuilt from the semantic separation and viewing institution. This virtual object built, corresponding with the reality, is not building Babel higher than human ethics in MaBing’s problem and doctrine; on the contrary, it is a one-stop solution to befuddle reality by the means of Last-day carnival group corruption.


June 6, 2018


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