"Castle in The Sky" Chun Yan Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2018-06-09 ~ 2018-07-09
Opening: 2018.6.9,16:00
Venue: LAN Space
Address: Zuiku lntemational Cultural Park of Caochangdi,Airport Service Road Chaoyang district,Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Chun Yan

Lan Space is honored to present ChunYan’s solo exhibition“Castle in The Sky”will be held on 9th June2018.The exhibition showcases the artist’works of in the past five years.

The paintings in artist Chun Yan’s “Castle in The Sky” series appear both dreamlike and real.They not only convey her life experiences, but also re-interpret motifs originating from ancient Greek mythology. On the one hand, the golden and blue colored paintings with soaring birds and white conches leave the viewer with feelings of warmth, purity and splendor and take on a heavenly notion. On the other hand, objects like the suspended bird bones, scattered books and flying burning rocks have a different metaphor, and point to the limitations or cessation of time. Together these two themes form the panorama of the series “Castlein The Sky”.

Gazing at Chun Yan’s paintings will feel a bright novelty, like a childhood dream forgotten many yearsago, like countless kingdoms in memory, through the tunnels of time and space, as if into a dizzying butintoxicating world. Actor Huang Lei has also described: I like the painting of ChunYan, because her picture world is like heaven, staring, you can fly.


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[Editor] 张艳