"Midnight Kongfu" A Live Performance by Zhi Hao and Cheng Chuan
City: Shanghai
Opening: May26th, 2018(Sat.) Midnight till sunrise (11:00pm
Venue: A+ Contemporary 亚洲当代艺术空间
Address: Room 106, Bldg. 7, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Zhi Hao、Cheng Chuan

A+ Contemporary cordially invites you to our upcoming project, "Midnight Kongfu", a live performance by artists Zhi Hao and Cheng Chuan. In accordance with "ART 24 HOURS" event on May 26th, the performance will take place at midnight and run through sunrise time. Centered around the daily life experiences, artists Zhi Hao and Cheng Chuan will lead us into a ritual space that is mythic and zen. Yet us, the "intruders", will in turn become a part of this spiritual, solemn realm, participating within...

"Drinking porridge" is a slang in Guangdong area, it means to practice Kongfu at midnight. Proceeding with the daytime working time is nightime's wandering leisure time, or vice-versa. In this subtle differentiation between time, the performers aim to re-investigate the condition of planning under the commonly-perceived notion of time; the ordered or chaotic activities by individuals or collective groups, inviting viewers to rethink a shifted trajectory between "time's activity" and "a ritual in time"


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[Editor] 张艳