"Capital@Art" International Project
City: Frankfurt
Curator: Juan Xu、Leander Rubrecht
Duration: 2018-06-13 ~ 2018-09-01
Opening: 13.06.2018, 19:30-22:30
Address: Hanauer Landstraße 121.Frankfurt
Host(s): OstStern I O Cultural Network e.V.

Artist:Palu Abadia(US)、Peter Braunholz(Germany)、Javier Bernal-Arevalo(Poland)、Jos Diegel(Germany)、Cao Kai、Kevin Clark(US)、Crocodile POWER(Russia)、Dirk Baumanns(Germany)、Duan Ying Mei、Liu Xue、Gao Brothers、Jiny Lan、Li Xinmo、Li Yongzheng、David Medina(Colombia)、Nikolaus A. Nessler(Germany)、Sandra Miranda Pattin(Colombia)、Lisa Roet(Australian)、Andreas Rohrbach (Germany)、Alessandro Rolandi(Italy)、Ben Shalom Davidi(Italy)、Shen Shaomin(Australian)、Stefan Stichler(Germany)、Christine Straszewski(Germany)、Sándor Szász(Hungary)、Thomas Vinson(Germany)、Xiao Lu

Co-organization(s):Wagon at Kulturgleis Offenbach am Main, Social Plastic e.V.、PopupGallery Hofheim (Whilhelmstraße 2a)、NKV Wiesbaden (requested)、Blue shifts (Galerie Kub/Leipzig)、Kaost Kunstraum (Frankfurt)、Ora da! e.V.(Frankfurt)、International Theater (Frankfurt)、Atelier Montez (Italy)、Kaiser & Cream (Wiesbaden/Germany)、The City of Frankfurt Department for Culture/Kulturamt and Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein-Main supports this project

Projects:May25.26 and 27,2018

“Art=capital” is one of J. Beuys’ most rephrased concepts. You may celebrate art for its creativity, thus revealing its full spectrum and honoring the new and sometimes the strange.

In such an age of conformity and standardization as ours, art and creativity have to recapture the gaps. Starting early in education when most information is transmitted orally, we– our children – are thus trained to be comparable for the rest of our life at the price of our capacity to think creatively, which, however, is the backbone of our mind, society, personal satisfaction and even economy. It may also describe the artful approaches a company adopts for its own working processes – affecting every aspect of the unity in its domain.

Capital@art.international made a 100,000-square- feet art Off Space out of the ruins of a former automobile company in the middle of the financial center of Germany close to the ECB. With this physical gap to build a shape for art in all its aspects, the overwhelming “old” capital breeds the seed in times of Dotcom enterprises. The relation between art and capital in everyday life is presented and to be felt, including varied genres of art. For its long history, nowhere else is more qualified than Frankfurt to demonstrate this unavoidable conflict and fruitful dialogue. The blending has overtaken the patron part by far. As ever so today, the subcultural controversy / limits and borders of what is art and its beginning have long been part of our discussions.

The former Mercedes work place at Hanauer Landstr. 121 offers more than 50m glass front as well as small offices and large halls, providing a vantage point for visual communication between capital and art.“capital@art.international” presents two


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