"Morning Path"Maokun Pang's art from the 90’s
City: Beijing
Duration: 2018-05-19 ~ 2018-06-24
Venue: Mountain Art Beijing & Frank Lin Art Center
Address: 797 Rd,No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd.798 Art Zone,Chaoyang District,Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Maokun Pang

From Chinese minority culture to contemporary social issues, Maokun Pang has been using classical oil painting skills to depict various subjects. In the early 90’s, Maokun Pang became an art professor. The change of identity leads to the change of subject matter. His visions moved from history and tradition to the daily and modern life.

The emotion behind Maokun Pang’s works is hazy, like walking in the morning and seeing the world through fog. Between seen and unseen, perceptions and emotion are subtle and clear at the same time like waking from a long slumber and seeing the first strip of sunshine.

Combining the wildness of nature and the calmness of city, Maokun Pang inherits the tradition of Bashu culture, but also explores the avant-garde. He is the successor of past and the explorer of tomorrow. The path of exploring might be lonely, but surely he would not be alone on this path.


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[Editor] 张艳