"Empty Spaces" Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition
City: Hangzhou
Duration: 2018-04-01 ~ 2018-05-15
Opening: 2018.04.01,19:00
Venue: Van Art Space
Address: #3-108,Phoenix commune,167 Fenghuangshanjiao Road Uptown,Hangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Ma Shuqing

Empty Spaces

Time, space and color, this is all I paint.

"White" is the space, it is a kind of invisible existence, There is only "things" in sight, and space is there,and the color is the only thing that I can use to convey the spatial information on the white plane which has defined the boundary.

A work is a thing. Only when people draw the meaning of the work from the preconceived meaning and let the work return to the concrete thing after formalization can it have a dialogue with the space.

A work is not something that can be replaced. It is unique, because the artist has injected life into the work, and life cannot be replaced.

Painting is a thing of history. It has long been like a gold mine that has almost been hollowed out and forwarded with difficulty. In our new visual environment, perhaps when painting is transformed into a form of visual thinking, it will give us new opportunities. And get the reason to continue to watch the traditional art form of painting and to help us continue to walk in the painting of the road in the woods.

Our world is made up of two parts, one is visible and the other is not visible, and we must use visualization to make it visible which is probably the wonderful part of painting.

White is the soul. If you get it, you must rely on the strength of your body.

Ma Shuqing

2018,Early spring in Beijing


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