"Guangzhou Driftings" Catherine Gfeller Solo Exhibition
City: Guangzhou
Duration: 2018-03-14 ~ 2018-04-07
Venue: Guangdong Museum of Art
Address: 38 Yanyu Road, Er-sha Island, Guangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Catherine Gfeller


Catherine Gfeller is a Swiss visual artist, who devotes herself to photography, especially landscape photography. She created photographic artworks obtained by montages, collages and superposition of pictures and focused on urban metaphorical subjects and mixing different media: photography, video, sound, radio creation and texts, giving in this way life to a universe both near and far from the reality of the city. In Guangzhou Driftings, artist used photography, video, sound and texts to miniature the city within the exhibition halls, so that visitors will discover the images as if they were drifting through the city’s streets, and carring out a discovery tour.

In Guangzhou Driftings, Guangzhou will be expressed through perspective of women about their own city. Artist does not only focus on pure record, but on subjective and dreamlike interpretation of the city. In modern China, female plays a very important role in the society. Nine Chinese women come from different backgrounds who live in Guangzhou were invited by the artist; they dialogued freely and explored in different districts of the city. Accompanied by the lens, different faces of the city were discovered.

City is our common theme and acts as a platform of crossraods. Therefore, Guangzhou becomes a palimpsest where many layers are combined, superimposed, constantly circulated and played together. Guangzhou Driftings transforms the exhibition space into a participatory space. Audience is exposed to a world of interactions through media such as photography, video and sound, as well as mobilized all the senses. They will feel like shuttle through the streets of real Guangzhou to explore the city's day and night, in which they can develop an intimate relationship with the city.

Guangdong Museum of Art has been devoting to presenting the historic and current domestic and international cultural spirit to the vast of audiences in the form of art. Guangzhou Driftings effectively reflects the integration and exchange of local culture and international culture in Guangzhou, promoting the delicate interaction and reflecting the deep friendship between China and Switzerland.

WANG Shaoqiang

Director of Guangdong Museum of Art


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