"INK PLAY II" Xu Ke Contemporary Ink Solo Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2018-03-11 ~ 2018-05-16
Opening: March 11th Sunday 5-7pm
Venue: FQ Projects
Address: No.76, Lane 927 Mid Huaihai Rd (enter from Maoming Rd / Nanchang Rd), Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Shanghai

Born in 1958 in Shanghai, Xu Ke was raised with an edification of Shanghai unique regional culture, leading to an atmosphere within his ink wash painting being both individual and personal.

Through the use of water, ink, rice paper as media, Xu Ke explores his own understanding on ink word context. The spontaneous contact between those three materials expresses both the mark and rhythm of the ink, creating a synergy with the variations of shade on the paper. This expresses an important semantic of XuKe's ink wash world.

Over the decade, Xu Ke's inkwash paintings have been exhibited in western contries and have been collected by their local institutions.

Inkplay II is Xu Ke's third solo exhibition at FQ Projects.


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